23 Jul

Why Office Chairs with adjustable seats are important?

Office chairs

Does the office chair you are sitting on right now, have adjustable seats? Did you know that gas-lift in a chair is the reason behind adjustable seat/height? Often one of the most ignored parts in an executive chair, the gas-lift is also one of the fundamental features in ergonomic chairs.
Introduced in the year 1972, this technological innovation transformed the mundane chairs into versatile adjustable chairs that could instantly adjust the seat height based on different body sizes.
The gas-lift in an ergonomically designed chair is the supports between the base of the chair and the seat. It helps the seated individual adjust the chair according to her height so that the feet are planted firmly on the ground; she has a better thigh support and maintains a natural spine posture.

Why Gas-Lift Are Important in Ergonomic Chairs

They offer enhanced comfort and ergonomic benefits. The standard Gas-lifts in a chair are graded in different class such as Class-2, Class-3 and Class-4. Among them Class-3 and Class-4 are preferred for being long lasting, extremely strong and possess the ability to support load. While the Class-3 Gas-Lift is ideal for lighter loads of upto 150 kg vis-à-vis Class-4 that are suitable for load by 250 kg.

HOF offers adjustable seat/ height with gas-lift class-3 in all its office chairs online. Some of the standout HOF chairs with adjustable seat/ height in different categories include

Professional Chairs- HOF MARCO 1012 M

The medium back executive chair features Class-3 gas-lift for seat height adjustment along with synchro-tilt mechanism. The anti-topple chrome polished base and major ergonomic functions make it one of our best sellers.


Student Chairs – PRIVIYA 7005

Universal shape makes it an ideal student chair that fits every body type. The Class-3 gas-lift provides adjustable seat height/ depth. Mesh back, sufficient lumbar support and attractive styling make it a popular choice.

Office Chairs – Eldo 432 N

The premium Class-3 gas-lift offers adjustable seat height/ depth and especially dye-casted base and S-curved design, suitable for long hours of sitting. Sharp textures and styling make it one of our all-time bestsellers.

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