3 Aug

What is your preference – A Sofa or a Sectional?

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Selection between sectional and sofa is a tough choice to make. You have to calm your indecisive self and consider both types of seating based on your preference, vibe and style. Finally, it’s your call to choose the right one for you- sofa set or sectional sofa set?

Still facing a dilemma? We have got you covered with some helpful insights about each type and you can compare them both to suit your fancies.

Size and layout of the room is an important factor to consider for your resting space. One gets different sizes of sofa sets from extremely large to really very small. They also give you more layout flexibility and can be used in more than one way. Sofa can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.

While sectionals are great space-fillers in overly large areas and rooms, sectional sets can seat more people together. An asymmetrical sectional can give oddly-shaped room some balance and takes away the focus off the awkward room’s layout.

If you want to give your room a dressier feel and have a little bit of formal touch, then go for a sofa. While a sectional tends to have more casual touch, it creates a family-like setting which is comfy and homely. They’ve a lounge-y look, welcoming a family pile-up up for movies and playing games. Have a look at HOF Premium Fabric Sofa Avvio which is a top pick of many customers.

If you are someone who likes minimal décor and furniture then sectional is right for you as it requires less furniture, whereas with a sofa you can use your two favourite chairs to complement your setting and retain the right proportion. Symmetry is well maintained with sofa sets.

While considering a sectional seating, you can use it to fit in your room with two focal points as they face different directions in L-shape. However, when you have a really small space, sofa is a better choice. Our Premium Fabric sofa Serio is available in exciting and vibrant colours to add colour to your room.

You can choose between the two styles to suit your needs. There’s a wide variety of seating in different fabrics and textures. Define your style with HOF India. Visit shop.hofindia.com and make the most of your living room space.