29 Nov

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

Workplace well-being is the secret ingredient of successful businesses, it is rooted in the business strategy of the organization operating in all sectors. Workplace design has a major impact on employees’ output, health, creativity and productivity. Employers need to find a root cause of these issues and come up with a holistic solution. From a health perspective, bad workplace design affects the ability to think creatively and critically. There is a strong correlation between office design and productivity of employees. Focus on employee well-being at workplace aids in less sick days, better retention and improved productivity.

A well thought out design gives equal importance to ergonomic chairs, natural lights, noise levels, temperature, air quality as it gives attention to the style of furniture, colour of walls and layout of the office. All these elements when combined help setting up a culture, reinforcing the internal and external identity of your organisation. Employees should feel proud and motivated when they enter into their office premises. Such workplaces stimulate employees to realise their true potential and produce wonderful output throughout their stay at the office. A workplace should motivate interaction, exchange of ideas and boost functionality. Every item of your office contributes to your performance and potential. That’s the reason why offices across the globe are going through a mass makeover by embracing ergonomic with great vigour to enhance productivity.

Furniture that encourages movement 

Uncomfortable furniture makes your employees irritated and unmotivated, being surrounded with boring furniture with a mountain of files on your desk will only add to your trauma. Employees will feel distracted, lose their interest in work and will not give desired results. A person spends his 7-8 hours sitting on a chair, it should be comfortable, should have adjustment features and should enhance functionality. You can take the performance of your employees to the next level with the inclusion of ergonomic furniture. Movement is paramount in a workplace, sit-stand desks and chairs with adjustment features will add remarkable impact in your workplace design.

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

 Light will guide them to results

Lighting plays a crucial role in sweeping away daytime dysfunctions and promote vitality.  The right amount of light help in reducing eye fatigue and headaches to a great extent. A poorly lit office will induce sleep and cause eye fatigue in employees that will result in decreased productivity. Lighting affects moods of individual so it should be given consideration while designing an office. A workplace should be a mix of natural and artificial lighting, add task lights or overhead lights to make each desk well-lit.

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

 Soundproof your workplace

Noise levels at a workplace depend on the size of the workforce, design of the cubicles and culture of the organization. When employees walk into the office premises, they hear a variety of discussions and conversations going on from other workstations. The noise around them make them distracted, affect the ability to complete a task in a proper manner and increase the stress level too. It is crucial for the employer to soundproof the workplace with sound-absorbing walls, partitions, panels and dedicated quiet places. It will make your workplace more focused and productive.

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

Remain current on technology and tools

If you want your employees to advance in their capabilities, provide them with the top-notch tech tools and gadgets to get work done. You have to stay up-to-date with emerging technology so that you aren’t left in the dust and your competitors win your clients. Keep devices and software updated to make your employees more efficient and faster. To eliminate physical stress, get a stand for computers and laptops, get them mounted on workstations to a more comfortable viewing height.

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

Make your workplace organized 

Clutter can infest your workplace with distraction and inefficiency. There are times when there are hundreds of papers and files sitting around on the desk, blocking the ability to think clearly and deprive you of vigour to work. To combat this issue, employers should get more storage, desk containers for every workstation and remove items which do not serve any purpose. It will help in decreasing the anxiety and stress levels. It will help in clear thought process and better time utilization.

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tipsAll things considered

Make your sedentary workplace more active by integrating these 5 ideas. Employees’ well-being should be given great importance because it is one of the key elements responsible for their productivity and performance at work. With that, you can trust HOF for modern ergonomic seating requirements. HOF provides a variety of ergonomic office and executive chairs which allow people to choose how they want to work with multiple adjustment features. Our office chair designs focus on empowering positive impact on workplace well-being, we have a vast selection that suits all budget. Visit shop.hofindia.com today and order the best ergonomic chairs online!