22 Nov

Design a stunning living room with these 5 ideas

Design a stunning living room with these 5 ideas

Your house is a blank canvas, how you design and decor it tells a lot about your personality. When you design your home, you weave your personality, beliefs and values into it. All the components of your home are an extended-expression of your life and what you love. The living room is the place where you and your family members spend most of your time – discussing important ideas, making decisions with family, enjoying movie nights and simply being yourself. It is a space where different items are put together and work together just like how a diverse family deals with different personalities of the members. Every piece of the living room should have a purpose and should co-exist with other elements.

Designing a living room requires a lot of planning regarding the style and components like furniture, curtains, rugs, entertainment units and décor pieces. It is important to understand the functionality of every item as per your family’s personality. A living room hosts a variety of people and activities – from cocktail parties to family movie nights. You really need to think through what would you like your living room to say about you and how you would want your family to feel when they step into the living room. It should be a thoughtful curation that will make it a liveable, positive and nurturing space.

Here are 5 ideas to design the stunning family room:

Invest in good furniture

Once you figure out what you want to convey through your living space and understand the kinds of personalities of your family members, the next step should be getting gorgeous furniture. Furniture is a big investment in the living room; it should be made of high-quality material and should stand the test of time. Make sure it comes from a reputable manufacturer who can tailor it to your preferences and can provide good customer support.

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Accentuate the look of your space with vibrant colour sofa pieces. Pair them with iconic coffee tables and quirky ottoman. Be aware of the fabric of the sofa, you cannot choose a white or ivory fabric if you have pets and kids at home. Imagine your kids’ hands immersed in chocolate and your pet’s muddy paw as they sit on your sofa. Not a sight to behold, right? Be mindful with your choices.

Prioritize natural lighting

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Mirrors are having a major moment in the decor world these days. When placed correctly, they result in creating an illusion of a bigger and spacious place. Position mirrors opposite to the windows of the room, to make room airier and look more open. Bring some overhead lighting and chandeliers so the place can be brightened up in the absence of natural light. Put together all the lighting items as if they are a work of art.

Give a character with accent walls

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Take your living space to the next bold level with a splash of colour and dose of textures on one of the walls of the living room. It could be a wall where you set your entertainment unit or a bookshelf or a master chair. The accent wall could be a wall with an artistic or solid wallpaper, an arrangement of classic vintage art pieces or any architectural pattern. Accent walls are the focal point of the living space and designing them is pretty economical.

Add bookshelf and storage

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Sometimes living spaces become messier because of the absence of storage spaces. Clutter is distracting and stressful. You should steer clear of clutter by adding a bookshelf or a coffee table with storage spaces. Storage spaces give a minimalist and organised look to the living space.

Give a definition with Rugs and Pillows

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Go playful and bold with pillows, bring in new colours, textures and patterns. Add oversized rugs, the bigger the better – it will give a sheer statement to the room and make your room look more spacious. The texture and colours of rugs balance the whole scheme of the living room.

All things considered

Make all the components work together in your own space with our go-to tips. For exquisite sofas and master chairs, you can visit shop.hofindia.com and transform your living space into a stunning welcome place for your family and guests.