10 Jan

5 refreshing trends to spruce up your living room in 2020 and beyond

5 refreshing trends to spruce up your living room in 2020 and beyond

Trends are fleeting, especially when it comes to interior designing and decor. From layouts to furniture colours to lighting – design trends keep getting in and out of fashion. As the new decade has commenced, new trends have also started to crowd the decor world. And to remain appealing in the years to come, homeowners need to embrace some of the best practices. To simplify it in the beautiful words of Charlotte Moss, “There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.” 

Today, interior designing is all about breaking the rules and bringing together different quirky styles. We call it classic modernism – an amalgamation of two distinct ideas of decor and designing world such as contemporary vintage, contemporary Scandinavian, European modern minimalism, mid-century modern etc. Of all the rooms in your house, the living room remains the heart and soul of your home. A place that is infused with endless creativity and experimentation. The area is the identity of your personality, it says something about the people who live in it. Whether you are a diehard modernist or a person with a hybrid design pattern – we will tell you the refreshing living room trends that are going to dominate in the new decade.

A colourful designer sofa set

Give a distinctive personality to the living space by taking a bold approach. A colourful and bold sofa is a hallmark of class and timeless beauty. Apart from the quality, designer sofa supports your body posture and muscles, so you do not end up getting sore while sitting in certain positions. With that said, colourful sofas add an uplifting and vibrant personality to the house.

5 refreshing trends to spruce up your living room in 2020 and beyond


HOF brings to you this alluring beauty by renowned interior designer Miki Astori. We admire its unique ergonomic design in a bold purple colour – it brings function and style together.  When you look at it, you will be lost in the enduring crisp contours of the upholstery held aloft in the finely crafted wooden structure. HOF Valeria is characterized by the melding of advanced automotive seating technology with fine woodworking and the outcome is a refined, elegant, comfortable and durable design. The best of 2 ancient cultures, meeting in the 21st century.

Give low-slung furniture a chance

5 refreshing trends to spruce up your living room in 2020 and beyond

You can give a modern touch to your living room by adding low-slung gliders or recliners beside the window or the TV unit. These ergonomic gliders keep you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – your personal comfort space. HOF has recently introduced multiple gliders – the perfect gift for mothers, aged people and your beloved ones. It accommodates all modern relaxation requirements of sports fanatics, gamers and new moms. Its ergonomic backrest along with the ultra-soft seat and ottoman provide a high comfort standard. The intricate details give it a unique charm.

Mix hard and soft furniture 

Forget about creating harmony with all matchy-matchy elements. This year is all about breaking old patterns, it is about bringing contrast in your living space. Contrast is fashionable, distinctive and trendy. It is about surprising and overwhelming your guests’ eyeballs. For maximum impact, enhance the entire look by playing with different elements, mix plush sofas with marble plinth coffee table and square-shaped furniture with round-shaped ones. You can also play with elements like carpets, windows, side tables, colour palette, curtains etc. To stand out from the rest, make the perfect and unusual union of various elements.

Add Boho flair with fun elements

Enchant your guests by adding a bohemian flair to the living space. Boho style is an infusion of elements that utilize natural material. It is about elements that have a global feel like geometric patterns, Indian tribal prints, rugs, Moroccan woven wall decor, lanterns, Buddha statues etc. Add an eclectic mix of throw pillows, floor cushion and blankets to draw the attention of your guests to your sofas. The bohemian-inspired look is chic, natural and artistic. Cliches apart, boho look is incomplete without greenery so breathe life into your space by adding plants – succulents, jade, anthurium, snake plants, ferns and palms.

Vintage accent walls and statement lighting 

5 refreshing trends to spruce up your living room in 2020 and beyond

Give your living space a stunning twist by adding navy blue or emerald green accent wall. These bold colours are pretty trendy and add another contemporary, quirky and vibrant feel to your house. Complete the look by adding playful chandeliers or statement wall sconces to make the lighting of the space ambient.

All things considered

Count on these new trends if you are redecorating your living area or giving it a makeover from scratch. If you need help finding new furniture for your home, visit https://shop.hofindia.com/ and make the most of our New Year sale.

So, which of these trends are you planning on bringing to your living space this year?

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