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4 important things to consider when buying furniture

4 important things to consider when buying furniture

Whether you are renovating your old house or moving to a new house, there are multiple decisions that you have to make. Especially when it is regarding the furniture of your house, you feel overwhelmed with options in the market and feel indecisive. It all seems easy at first, right? You think you just need to measure up the area, head to the store or flip through the catalogue of products online, add things to the cart and you are done. Well, in reality, there are certainly more things to watch out for to create a home where everything coexists and is cohesive. We are not talking about just the living room but also your reading area and home office.

If you ask interior designers, they will always suggest you think through your furniture choices very well. Furniture shopping is not something you should rush into. For some people, choosing furniture might seem a simple task while for others it is a nightmare because they have very little information related to the factors they should consider before buying.  Moreover, furniture is a long-term investment and you spend at least 5-10 years with them. It is crucial for you to make an informed decision so that you and your family can approve of the furniture after 5 years of use as well.

Come with us to discover the 4 things you should be considering when you are shopping for furniture for your home. Trust us, these tips will save a lot of your time and future headaches. Let’s start!

Ergonomics is essential

Do not fall prey to the outer look and feel of the furniture, consider its functionality too. It is one of the fundamental steps of choosing the right furniture. The furniture should not only match the colour palette of the house but also align with your personal preferences. The structure and height of your sofa set should provide the best seating experience. If you are someone having a home office, make sure the chair should be supportive of your long working hours with multiple adjustment features. In the reading space or bedroom, the master chair should keep your body in an upright position while giving you optimum support.

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Check the dimensions, proportions and size of your room

The stunning catalogues of the furniture can be highly deceiving and misleading. They may not depict the exact size and dimension of the products. This tip is for all the online shoppers, always pay attention to the dimensions of the products before adding them to your cart and making payment. It may sound very basic but always draw up a layout to check the proportions. Visualization really helps in mapping out everything and understand how transitional spaces will be maintained.

Double-check the budget and the quality

Do not rush yourself into buying furniture pieces that your pocket does not allow or put you in debt. Be honest with yourself with the amount of money you can comfortably spend. Another important factor is you should not get lost in gorgeous colours and stylish design of the furniture, you should assess the quality of raw material – foam, wooden structure, fabric/leatherette used in making one.


Balance shapes 

If you are designing a space then do not stick to one type of shape. Make it a creative mix of furniture, one shape should not be dominant over other shapes. For example, if you have a rectangular coffee table or carpet, then put round mirrors or art pieces to make the place look more put together. Think of all the items as space fillers for the space that connect your walls to the floors. The eye should seamlessly move from one piece to another without causing disruption.

Pulling it all together

Keep all the points in mind before you head out for furniture shopping. These will help you create an aesthetic appeal to the area you are renovating or redesigning. If you are looking to add new furniture to your house, check HOF’s chairs and sofa collection. HOF is a leading manufacturer of advanced ergonomic chairs and sofas in India. All the details about the dimensions, type of wood, type of upholstery and more are mentioned under every product so that a customer can make an informed decision. To know more about our products and to check the detailed information, visit shop.hofindia.com. Give your abode a beautiful makeover with us!