One size fits all! Is it?

A chair has to be neutral in position and it should go well with all the types of body shapes, sizes and height. That too without imparting restricting pressure anywhere on sitter's body. But interestingly people of different heights and sizes may distribute the pressure in a similar fashion. But on the other hand, the pressure intensity may vary with different people. A good chair focuses on the key areas where the sitting person exerts more pressure. This aspect of the chair is very critical for a comfortable sitting experience. So when there is a high level of surface pressure there is actually constriction in the blood vessels in the back region. And because of this, the sitter experiences discomfort in sitting position. A modest, but fundamental, design addition, the pose fitting curve is an integral part of what makes so our chairs so comfortable. Even for hours and hours on end. Our chair supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward so that your spine stays aligned naturally and you don’t suffer back pain. Want to know more?

Bending with your body

Although the chair is a very simple looking structure but there is a lot of philosophy and science working behind its contour and structure. A designer’s job is to counter the circulation related pressure with a right combination of padding, curvature and foam of the chair. But this in itself is a big challenge because chair caters a to different set of people. A chair made comfortable enough for a tall guy may not suit a plump woman.We have developed a design that enhances an even distribution of pressure throughout the backrest. Only a topographically balanced seat and backrest can do the job. During our testing phase, we had tested our chairs with subjects of varying heights, weights and critical body dimensions in all the chairs.

Chairs built to perfection

While sitting in the upright position the lower back comes into contact with chair’s lumbar support but there is not much pressure distribution across the rest of the back. And in case of reclining position the pressure areas shift towards the thoracic area. We have taken all these minute details into consideration and have tried to build our chairs to perfection.

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