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Why Ergonomics
Why Ergonomics

Side effects of sitting long hours

Scientific research have proved that our sedentary lives, especially long hours of sitting at one place has contributed to obesity and other negative outcomes like—diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndromes, and even mortality. Everyone knows that we should all exercise more to keep ourselves fit, but the truth is that sitting for hours every day in front of computer is a fact of life that won't change any time soon.

How ergonomics can be of help

Sitting Culture offers you first of its kind health-positive chairs. Our chairs are ergonomically so advanced that it will actually lower your heart rate and reduce stress. This will keep you focused and relaxed at the same time by stimulating blood and oxygen flow while you sit. You'll feel like you're floating, which means you'll feel more alert. Your brain will be more alert too—coming up with those innovative ideas that keep your company lively and productive. Our chairs have been intentionally designed to look like spine. Isn’t that obvious? This makes possible for the chair to adapt all your movements, adjusting automatically to your varying positions and keeping your spine naturally aligned.

Why Ergonomics
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