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Design With A Human Touch
Design With A Human Touch

Bad sitting posture affects your health

Our body cells respire and need oxygen which is transported to them via blood. This is utilised to burn calories. Blood also carries carbon dioxide from the energy defecient cells.In healthy people the nervous system is a good indicator of degree of comfort, informing the body when its important to do perfusion via the tissues.
Today we are in a habit of sitting more and more and this more prevalent in the workplace and this is increasingly becoming a commonplace. The main culprit is the body weight itself. While sitting for long hours, we are exerting continuous pressure on our sitting bones which are scientifically know as ischial tuberosites. These are situated at the base of the pelvis and the surrounding soft tissue. So if a person sits for extended hours then these tissues face pressure for extended periods. This is where engineering can come to help.
The shape and adjustability factors have been taken into consideration. This ensures that your muscles are always in the relaxed state and don’t get fatigued. The widely placed armrests are there to give you the flexibility to move with ease. We assure you that the super ergonomic support will keep you refreshed and productive for the entire day.

Fighting fatigue with design

Due to our sedentary lives we are increasingly spending more and more time seated. We indulge less in physical activities. Apart from that, there are physically challenged people who are dependent on their wheelchairs for their mode of transport and spend most of their time sitting on it. But the flipside of sitting for long hours is the blood flow through the capillaries is hindered due to deformation of soft tissues.
As a result of tissue compression, the perfusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide gets delayed. So when a person is sitting for a very long time, the cells face acute shortage of oxygen which may also result in cell death. We at HOF India have painstakingly researched these aspects and designed the ergonomics of our chairs to suite different tastes and people. Our chair’s curve and flexibility will enhance the movement of the sitter and the material and nature of cushion enhances the micro movements at cellular levels. This maintains the normal perfusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the cellular environment. As a result the sitter experiences less fatigue at sitting position and is less compelled to take short breaks from his/her sitting position. This in turn provides an overall good sitting experience and you can concentrate on your work for longer hours.

Design With A Human Touch
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