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Breathing Surface

Did you know your skin also breathes?

The level of thermal comfort is relative to body temperature. According to research it has been found the so comfortable temperature varies with the respect to the current temperature of the subject. Which means the ideal ambient temperature differs from person to person and also over a period of time. Humidity plays an important role in thermal comfort. A seated person will experience discomfort when humidity builds up near the skin surface, because the moisture on the skin increases the friction coefficients causing it to stick to cloth of the person or the upholstery. This in turn inhibits the micro movements required to shift weight off pressure points.

Fabric that breathes air

We have developed a special material for the upholstery which is porous and makes it breathable. This makes sitting experience more comfortable as it allows the dispersion of moisture away from your skin. The backrest material is capable enough to regulate the flow of moisture and conduction of heat away from the surface of the seat.


Increases your productivity with our chairs

A thermally comfortable chair will have a neutral effect on the body temperature by allowing the flow of air to the body or dispersion of water vapor from it. A traditional chair manufacturer would go for the usual fabric over foam padding design. But it has been found that the foam padding can also impede water vapor transfer from the sitter’s surface. It also varies depending on the compression of the padding. Which means the heat transfer ability of the chair cushion will vary from person to person. We have developed an innovative breathing surface for our seat covers which are porous in nature and also provides ample back support. People working in the office furnished with these kinds of chairs don’t notice a temperature change while shifting from standing position to seating position. Which means you don’t lose out on productivity due to temperature variations or fatigue

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