29 Jul

Your Ultimate Office Chair Buying Guide

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People often live with a chronic pain these days because they spend so much time working all day long with poor ergonomics and bad posture. Choose a smart way to work today by choosing ergonomically advanced office chairs that can make a huge difference to your organization.

However when you buy office chairs online or at the store, it is important to ensure that you give equal importance to both the quality of chair, the office chairs suppliers as also your personal comfort level with it. Ergonomics is all about customized comfort suited to one’s body and work routine therefore when buying office chairs check if the chair conforms to these following criteria:

Does the Chair Have Gas Lift Class -3

A fundamental ergonomic feature, Gas-lift cylinder helps you adjust the seat height depending on your height and comfort. Further the Class-3 gas-lift makes your office chairs extremely strong, durable and gives it the ability to support weight too.

Is the seat pan wide and does it have a waterfall seat design?

It is important to have a sufficiently wide seat pan that also has a waterfall seat design. This provides better thigh support and allows you to sit comfortably with back rest. Ideally the seat pan should be long enough to provide comfort for upto three-quarters of the length of the thigh. While the waterfall seat design with its soft contours allows even weight distribution for more comfortable seating.

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Does the office chair offer sufficient lumbar support?

Cushioned and curved lumbar support offers support to lower back muscles and this helps avoid spinal injuries. Chairs like the HOF Marco 1012 M or the Marco 1006 M are excellent examples of chairs with great lumbar support.

Is the Office Chair backrest large enough to provide you comfortable back support?

A large backrest provides both mid-back and upper-back support in addition to the lumbar support. Depending on your height and work requirement, you may choose either a medium-back chair like the HOF Marco 1002 M or a high back chair like the HOF Marco 1001 H.

Does the chair have a chair mechanism?

Chairs with synchro-tilt mechanism allow both the seat and back to automatically adjust according to body position and in different recline positions. This dynamic sitting provides sufficient back support