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Why should you choose premium office chairs over standard chairs?

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When you are setting up a new office or remodeling the old one, there’s a good amount of money that goes into buying high-quality furniture which will stand the test of time and provide the right support to the body. The market will spoil you for choice, there are tons of options to choose from, some will be easy on your pocket but not on your health. Their price tag might lure you into buying them but after a few years of use, you’ll start getting health problems. That’s one big factor which people tend to overlook – the huge medical bills which make those standard chairs not so “inexpensive”. In the long run, premium chairs save your day by providing your body with advanced ergonomic support and save your medical bills as well.

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Premium office chairs are designed in years through research, posture studies, material feasibility, and longevity. Interior designers, product designers, doctors, researchers, and scientists invest their precious time into building one of a kind piece for you. They create the perfect piece of furniture that will take care of your body and well-being.

Reasons to choose Premium chairs over standard chairs

Exceptional design

Premium chairs add character to the workplace with their ground-breaking design. Designers spend years studying human posture i.e. how they sit in the workplace, how they use the armrest of the chair, how can they guarantee more functionality and comfort to the users. These chairs ensure pain-free seating experience. Manufacturers design limited pieces to ensure exclusivity and sophistication. The design leaves a positive impact on your clients and your employees.


Manufacturers use high-quality raw material when they craft premium chairs. These raw materials go through destruction testing and feasibility testing before making their way to a retail store. They are often made of pure leather and top-quality polyurethane material. The stitching is sturdy, padding is best in the business and customization is top-notch.

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Premium chairs are carefully built by studying the human sitting postures and workspace musculoskeletal disorders caused by prolonged sitting. Every little aspect of ergonomics is taken care of when they design such chairs, that’s the reason why they are the most comfortable ones. Premium chairs encourage better body posture and productivity by taking down the discomfort to zero. It makes your extended seating hours worthwhile.


With the high price point comes a lot of in-built special adjustment features. They give you spine protection by keeping them in the right posture during your work hours. They come with features which let you adjust your head, arm and back to your preferences. The attention to detail that goes into crafting these chairs makes their quality incomparable. The unique price tag adds a “privileged” touch to them, something that cannot be afforded by everyone.

Why choose HOF for buying premium chairs?

HOF premium chairs add individual character in the workplace with their unique design and body. Designed in Italy and manufactured in India, all HOF premium office chairs are armed with advanced ergonomics, made with premium Italian leather and finest materials with sheer craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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We give a boost to productivity and functionality in any workplace backed by our reputation as one of India’s most trusted chair suppliers for over 30 years. A well-crafted chair goes beyond its functionality and speaks of your style. HOF offers luxury chairs and high back premium chairs for any professional set up.

The body-centric design of HOF premium office chair features advanced ergonomic technology; from knee tilt synchro mechanism along with thick cushions and deep contours for better seating comfort to adjustable height which helps maintain the natural spine posture. The cantilevered arm-rests with specially designed SS finish and aluminium dye-casted hand rest enhance the comfort with support for shoulders. Take comfort and style of your boardroom or office to the next level by bringing home these sophisticated premium office chairs.

All things considered

According to a trusted source, an average person spends 3000 hrs per year on his chair in India. It is crucial to get chairs that promise support and comfort while taking care of your well-being. An expensive chair saves you from workplace musculoskeletal disorders by keeping your body posture intact. It is worth the price tag in the long-run.

Add a touch of sophistication and luxury with beautifully crafted HOF chairs. Browse through the innovative range of unique, stylish and contemporary premium chairs, ergonomic chairs online by HOF and make your office stand out. Visit shop.hofindia.com