13 Sep

Why Office Chairs must have seat depth adjustment?

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Seat depth  is critical to offer sufficient back support when sitting.

What is Seat Depth?

Apart from waterfall seat design, the depth of seat contributes to comfortable seating during those prolong hours. It is measured from the front of seat cushion to the back-most point of the seat. Generally the standard seat depth is 20 ½ – 21- inches to get appropriate under-the-thigh support to avoid restricting circulation.

However, a seat that is too deep will unnecessarily touch against the back of legs while a chair with too narrow seat depth will compel the user to slouch, thus getting you exposed to ill-effects of poor posture. Therefore adjustable seat depth enables the user to choose best position.

Benefits of Seat Depth

As one of the key to a comfortable office chair, it is essential to select a chair that fits your height and shape perfectly.

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People with tall frame/ short frame:

The importance of seat depth further magnifies in case of people who have a very tall frame or people with short frame. Thus a tall person should choose a chair online that offers wider seat pan and seat depth. Whereas for people with short frame, it is advisable to choose a chair will smaller seat depth so that they can sit comfortably with their back aligned to the back support. Apart from height, the shape and size of user too determines the seat depth, and seat height.

Distributes body weight

Appropriate seat depth helps distribute the weight of the body and provide optimum back support to help you maintain natural spine posture. This thus reduces the strain and stress on lower back.

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