3 Nov

Why Office Chair Maintenance Pays Off?

Office Chair Sitting Style

Office chairs are one of your most super-performing asset and a major investment. Therefore its regular cleaning and maintenance ensures that it is able to endure all the wear and tear, and continues to look good and last long.

Apart from the dirt and grime on your chair’s upholstery from sitting day-in-day out, it also requires maintenance for the continuous load it holds, the constant weight on the lumbar support of the chair back, the casters and swivel base due to movement and also usual functional features. In-fact regular tune-up and maintenance of an office chair can be the single important factor between ergonomic office chairs that offers you years of comfort and a chair that you may have to replace within a year or two of purchasing it.

How to Maintain Office Chairs

So how should you maintain your office chairs? We list out some handful tips that go a long way in ensuring that your HOF chair stays in good working order and continues to give you all the benefits of a good investment that it indeed is.

Office Sitting Chair Style

Clean the Upholstery:

Whether your chair upholstery is genuine leather, Rexine, leatherette or mesh, it is essential that you regularly clean it to remove the dirt and grime that tends to accumulate over time. Using a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dust, dirt and grime works wonders to keep the spills, stains and smudges away.

Clean Casters of the Swivel Base:

Often considered the most neglected part of an office chair, nylon casters need to be regularly cleaned to remove all the grit and muck that gets tangled in the spindles. Simply turn the chair upside down and use a brush and a cloth to pull out the dirt. Use oil or silicon spray to keep the casters well-oiled and smooth.

Fix Screws and Ease Tension:

Ergonomically designed office chairs come with adjustable seat height, arms, and chair mechanism. These need to be regularly oiled and their screws tightened to ease tension, avoid the squeaky noise and ensure stability and safety.

When you buy HOF chairs you get at least 1year of free warranty and an assurance that your office chair conforms to the highest quality standards. Discover the wide range of office chairs online or at our flagship store – HOF ZONE and make the best choice today.