12 Jul

Here’s Why fabric sofa is a great choice in a country like India

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Flowers are blooming, sunny and bright days are here adding warmth to our lives. India has 300 sunny, clear days and most states come under semi-arid, humid subtropical climate where temperatures can rise up to 50 degrees Celsius. In such weather conditions, you do not want to trade your comfort and are constantly looking for something to calm you down.

You install air conditioners, humidifiers and electronics to combat the heat, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg and don’t provide the long-term solution. You tend to overlook the basic elements of the house which can significantly help in cooling down your space.

 One of the basic elements is Sofa, it has been our comfort symbol since the time immemorial. It is probably the first thing you look for when you step into your house and spend a good number of hours relaxing and unwinding on it. It is crucial for you to choose furniture that helps you beat the heat. For summers, it’s important to know what works best in the scorching hot days and which pieces are the best for summertime relaxing.

Let’s lift the curtain and guide you on how and why to choose a fabric couch for Indian weather.

When it comes to sofa, comfort is king. You cannot compensate that for an out of the box design and looks, these aspects won’t come handy in the long run. If you choose leather, it will heat up in the hot months of the year and makes the seating experience uncomfortable. It reflects the temperature of the setting where it is placed in – cold in winters and hot in summers.

Fabric Sofas are a great option, specially for the summer days and a peculiar way of complementing the interiors. Fabric upholstery makes the relaxation experience more comfortable. Don’t go for leather, wool or velvet upholstery because they will make you sweat and leave you feeling uneasy. Fabrics that don’t absorb heat are a great solution for summers. It’s available in countless colours, patterns and prints to accentuate the aesthetics of your living space whereas leather has limited choices.

 HOF makes exemplary fabric sofas which can accommodate you for long hours in absolute comfort. It gives emphasis on both looks and comfort by creating top-notch quality furniture that will enhance the aesthetics of your living room. So, don’t sweat it, because HOF has you covered.  Let’s take a look at some of the amazing pieces by HOF in fabric sofa category;

HOF Vera


The classic design of HOF Vera is a perfect addition to the living space. It intensifies the character and creates a pleasant environment in your lounging area. It is an Italian design sofa with smooth fabric and sleep-well foam for distortion-free comfortable sitting. It has a solid wood structure made with termite proof elements. It comes with a 5-year repair and replacement warranty. It delivers desired comfort with its premium quality and sturdy structure. It’s designed in a fashion that will suit in almost all houses.

HOF Ciprio


The modern design of HOF Ciprio is a must-have piece for a clutter-free and open floor layout. Designed skillfully in Italy and made in India, this piece is a flawless blend of modernity and style. It comes with an exclusive fabric and high-density foams to make the seating an out of this world experience. The awe-inspiring design and structure give it an edge over other sofas available in the market. It is easy to maintain and comes with a 5-year repair and replacement warranty.

 HOF, with its 4 decades of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry, has built gorgeous and outstanding products across the world. We make soft, comfortable and modern sofas. You can sink into them and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Visit shop.hofindia.com, and explore all the products from our fabric sofa range.