29 Sep

Why Do Office Chairs Have Armrests?

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Ever wondered why armrests really matter for your office chair?

Apart from giving your arms a breather, armrest also helps avoid strain to shoulders and neck during those long hours of work. There are all types of office chairs online, from those without armrests to those with static armrests or adjustable armrests, office chairs come in wide different designs. Our entire collections of HOF office chairs are designed in Italy by world-class designers and feature armrests with PU pad for maximum comfort.

 So how does having adjustable or static armrest on your office chairs really make a big deal for you?

Why Buy Office Chairs with Armrests:

Office chair armrests offer multiple benefits to the user. The benefits multiply especially in case of adjustable PU armrests that allow the user to adjust the chair according to their height and size. We explore major incidental benefits of armrests so that you consider it too a major criterion when you buy office chairs online.

Helps Maintain a Natural Spine Posture:

Office chairs with armrests offer considerable support to upper torso, neck and shoulders. This helps remove the fatigue and reduces the stress on shoulder and neck muscles. Together this helps maintain a natural spine posture and reduces the tendency of the user to slouch or slump. HOF chairs like the LUZO-522, the premium leather low back feature curved Veneer finish polished wooden arms with cushion grips, which offers a premium look and enhanced comfort.

Office chairs, office chairs online

Relaxed Not Raised Shoulders:

Raised shoulders are a sign of serious strain and can cause chronic back and shoulder pain. Moreover in extreme situations they even lead to poor posture and hunched or rolled shoulders. Therefore having armrests or preferably adjustable armrests on your office chair ensures proper alignment which contributes to good seating posture.

Working on computer:

With most of the work hours spent in working on the computer, having adjustable armrests with PU pads provides healthy, natural support to your arms. Office chairs like the HOF Marco 1006M or HOF Marco 1007H provides improved support for a range of arm postures with their ergonomically designed armrests.

Infuse well-being and wellness to your workplace with the stunning range of HOF office chairs online and give your office an ergonomic makeover today.