2 Jun

Why Chair Mechanism is Critical in Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Ergonomic Chairs - Cover

Choosing the right ergonomic chair works wonders for your back. While there are different types of ergonomic chairs, your decision to buy chair that best matches your lifestyle is something that demands attention.

Among the fundamental ergonomic features like adjustable seat/ height, waterfall seat design, swivel base, adjustable arm rests, the chair mechanism that controls the chair recline and tilt adjustment is yet another critical and essential feature that goes a long way in ensuring you a durable comfort.

Chair Mechanism:

When you buy chairs online, chairs mechanism must be a critical feature that you must notice to make the correct choice. Chair mechanism come in following major variations that include

- Swing mechanism
- Synchro-tilt mechanism
- Knee-tilt mechanism
- Task Mechanism

Among these while the multi-function mechanism offers the most comfort and value for money, the task mechanism is the most basic and does not offer tilt. Here is a sneak peak at each these chair mechanism.

Ergonomic Chairs - Inner

Swing Mechanism:

It provides the widest range of adjustability. The back and seat adjust and tilt independently which helps maintain body weight and maintain good posture. The HOF KENZO 551 (http://shop.hofindia.com/premium-comfort-high-back-chair-kenzo-551) is an example that offers this type of mechanism.

Synchro-tilt mechanism:

Under this both the back and seat are attached to the Synchro-tilt mechanism which raises the seat and back simultaneously usually in a ratio of 1:2. A popular tilt-mechanism in mid-range chairs, HOF ZYDO 532 (http://shop.hofindia.com/premium-medium-back-designer-office-chair-zydo-532) and the HOF BOSS 421 (http://shop.hofindia.com/premium-comfortable-leather-office-chair-boss-421) are good examples.

Knee-tilt mechanism:

While the seat and back are linked together, this chair only tilts from under the knee. Thus it is more convenient than the basic simple mechanism. Chairs like HOF LYON 601 (http://shop.hofindia.com/lyon-601) offers this feature.

Task Mechanism:

In this basic mechanism, the seat and back are fastened together and do not offer tilt. An example of this chair would be the HOF Priviya 7001 (http://shop.hofindia.com/student-mesh-back-chair-priviya-7001)


HOF adopts world’s stringent quality testing to conform to assurance standards laid by BIMFCA/ ANSI and deliver the best quality. Therefore all HOF chair undergo the following test

Tilting Mechanism Test:

The purpose is to evaluate the ability of the tilt mechanism to withstand the fatigue, stress and wear caused by repeated tilting.

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