31 Mar

Why an office workout should be on your daily to-do list!

Office Chair Exercise

In this fast-paced corporate world, we hardly get time to do exercise and keep our body healthy. In order to save time, we have minimized physical strain to a great extent. But ultimately, this lifestyle leads to severe health issues.

We commute on a vehicle. We take elevator rather than stairs. Beyond everything, we spend our whole day on our office chair. And we prefer talking to our colleagues through phones or by sending emails rather than getting up and walking to them.

At home also, we hardly get time to do exercise on daily basis. With no exercise, we ultimately invite some critical health issues such as cardiovascular threats, varicose veins, back pain and the risk of obesity.

But if slightly thought off the track, we all can have a few free minutes even in our busy schedules. How about doing some simple workouts at your office itself? Between your tasks, you would easily get two-three minutes which you can utilize for doing simple workouts and being healthy.

Here are a few reasons why you should include some simple exercises in your daily routine:

It boosts your brainpower

Little exercising and body movements can improve overall performance of your brain. Along with keeping you physically healthy, it helps you maintain mental health as well. Many studies have proved that workout sharpens a person’s memory and helps in learning, thinking and decision-making.

It improves your mood

Exercising releases a happy chemical i.e. endorphin which creates the feeling of happiness. So if your boss has scolded you today and if it is hard for you to concentrate on your tasks, try doing some easy workouts or have a walk around your desk. It would surely improve your mood.

It increases work efficiency

Try sitting straight on your office chair for more than fifteen minutes continuously. Your back would hurt and on the next minute, you’d prefer to slouch in the chair. Sitting continuously in the same posture may stiff your muscles. Instead of that, if you do some simple workouts in between your different work tasks, it would make you feel fresh and you would be able to work with increased efficiency and your muscles will relax.

Light exercise while sitting on your chair reduces stress

Physical activities increase the concentration of nor-epinephrine, a chemical that controls the brain’s response to stress. Furthermore, exercising also enhances the efficiency of cardiovascular system which increases your body energy to fight stress. And without stress, you’d be able to give your hundred percent!


If you try, you can spare some minutes from your daily work routine and use them for being healthy. It is not necessary that you do hard and sweaty workouts but simple exercises at your workplace would also work. Stretch your legs, arms and torso while sitting on your executive chair. Fidgeting is also good. Keep fidgeting with a pen or pencil. You may also tap your feet now and then. And if not this, go for a random walk within or outside your office. Just don’t be in the same posture for a long time. Because maintaining the right posture is better than health issues!