9 Nov

Which student chair suits your child?

Many parents think that their job is done if they have purchased expensive furniture for their child to study on. But perhaps, they forget to think about their comfort. If you are one of them, just choosing any random student chair for your child to study on is not the right way to go about it. For instance, you have bought a chair for your child after shelling a fortune for it but your child can not comfortably sit and study in that chair for a longer time. So what is its importance? Actually it is your child’s comfort that matters the most, isn’t it?

Buy Students Chairs

In the same way, if you belong to the academic sector and if teaching is your profession, then you must have handled many students in your class. Have you ever noticed that during your class, many students keep moving back and forth and adjusting themselves on the seat? This is in fact a sign of discomfort or back ache. Have you ever noticed their strange body postures signaling that they are not relaxed?

This may happen majorly due to the sitting position of the students. The chairs designed without taking ergonomics into consideration is one of the major reasons behind it. Lumbar support, beck rest, seat height and arm rest are some of very important factors to keep in mind while selecting a chair for students. You can purchase student chairs online or from the local market but not all are made for your child. It is also possible that the same chair does not work for the students that might have worked wonders for you. Remember, studies require longer hours of sitting and hence you should buy the chairs which are comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Whether at school or at home, students have to sit on chairs and have to spend many hours studying. So the major concern is the students’ comfort. In addition, if they are not feeling relaxed, they would not be able to concentrate on their studies. Following are some ergonomically designed student chairs from HOF:

Student Chair with Cushion in Seat and Back:


This type of student chair has cushion in its seat and back. So if your children want to study for long hours, this is the perfect chair for them.

Study Buddy Chair:


This chair has cushion in its seat and mesh in back. It is designed in a way that it can give better support to the student’s thighs and back. Thanks to this chair, back ache and other similar health issues can be avoided.

Comfortable Student Chair:


This student chair is designed keeping in mind a very important factor-HEIGHT. Depending on the height of the table, the height of this chair can also be adjusted. Also, this chair has a push back mechanism, better back rest and lumbar support.

If you are going to purchase a chair for your child or for a school, make sure that the chair is totally comfortable for the student because it is very important to look after your child’s body posture. If you neglect it, they may have to face many aching problems in the future. So don’t just buy student chairs, buy ergonomically designed chairs!