10 Aug

Which Office Chairs Are Best For People With Smaller Frames?

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An ergonomically designed office chair must fit the body properly to get the maximum benefit.Since most of the office chairs are designed keeping in mind the height of an average person, seating solutions for people with larger and smaller frames need special attention.
People with smaller frames face many issues with regular office chairs like not getting sufficient back support, little seat-depth, not being able to rest one’s feet on the ground, improper height of arm-rest or even improper lumbar support for lower back.

What is the best type of office chair for short people?

Employees with smaller frames need office chairs that can be adjusted to their petite frame and offer a comfortable and high-performance seating. Ergonomically designed office chairs for short people are lower to the ground to ensure that their feet rest flat on the ground and not hanging mid-air. Another equally important feature is the lower seat depth and pan for better back support as also adjustable arm-rest for better shoulder support.

Not many choices in the market

However in-spite of the wide prevalence of ecommerce and online shopping, yet there are limited office chairs suppliers who cater to the demand for office chairs online India for people with smaller frames. It is difficult for people with smaller frames to find an appropriate and affordable office chairs online India or even at brick and mortar stores in metros. This is largely due to both a lack of awareness and in-sufficient market demand.

HOF – India’s Leading Chair Supplier for ergonomically designed chairs

HOF, one of India’s leading office chairs suppliers offers office chairs that cater to demands of people with smaller frames while providing provides maximum comfort and value for money. These chairs are designed by world-class furniture designers in state-of-the-art design studio and manufacturing plant by highly trained professionals and conform to world-class testing standard.

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HOF MARCO and HOF CARBON – Our Top picks for people with smaller frames

HOF Furniture Systems offers a wide range of ergonomic chairs designed for people with smaller frames. Our MARCO and CARBON range of chairs are two of our top picks for people with smaller frame. Both these range of premium office chairs offer a great variety of chairs in different colors and designs with adjustable seat height with Class -3 gas lift, synchro mechanism for seating comfort, PU arms and adjustable lumbar support. These also come with free shipping and 1-year warranty covered on castors, base, gas-lift and mechanism. Available at a very affordable price range and exciting season discounts, these make an excellent value addition to your office.

Buy Office chairs online now – Profitable investment

Investing in quality ergonomic office chairs ensures better comfort, productivity and a healthy work environment with many trickling benefits that translates into a productive workspace. So why wait? Buy office chairs online today and choose to make your workplace healthier, more comfortable and more productive today.