16 Jun

What Makes HOF ZYDO Chair A Standout Success?

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Wondering where to buy chairs for the top management? A good office chair speaks volumes about the person who sits on it. Not only does it leave a lasting first impression to your clients, it also makes for a durable worthy investment.  It certainly implies all the more in case of the corner office, the waiting lounge of the top management or the boardroom. In many ways, the CEO’s cabin literally sets the tone for the design aesthetics of an office. Thus it is very important to choose the right office chair that reflects the brand personality and professional image of the office.

HOF understands this dilemma and offers the perfect office chairs that you can buy online in India. From its large collection of ergonomically designed chairs, HOF presents the ZYDO collection which offers you the best of quality, comfort and value. Each of the HOF ZYDO office chair is backed by 30 years of research and expertise of HOF and comes equipped with technologically advanced ergonomic features. No wonder they are standout success and widely popular among customers when they buy chairs online in India and Asia Pacific. These chairs have presence across corporates, luxury hotels, top government offices or private offices of business tycoons and statesmen.

HOF ZYDO Chair Online

The premium office chairs of ZYDO collection come in two cutting edge ergonomic designs. Here’s birds eye view of these stunning chairs and fascinating features that they have to offer you.

HOF Premium Designer Office Chair – ZYDO 531 and HOF ZYDO 532

An HOF bestseller of sorts, the HOF ZYDO 531 and HOF ZYDO 532 has sophistication and luxury written all over it. While the ZYDO 531 comes with high back and head rest, the ZYDO 532 offers medium back rest.

Made in Genuine Italian leather, what immediately stand out in the chair are its veneer finish wooden cladded anti-topple aluminum designer base and arm rest with polished solid wood top fittings. The seat and backrest with thick cushion and waterfall seat design come with highly porous material to aid thermal transfer which makes for comfortable seating even for long hours. The meticulous stitch detailing and textures further add to its appeal.

The chairs feature swing mechanism with the multi-tilt functionality that offers maximum adjustment flexibility. The chair is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your office.

So why wait? Simply visit the HOF store to buy chairs online that assure your office a stunning professional make over.