24 May

What Does Your Fabric Sofa Reveal About Your Couch Personality?

blog 83A living room is the focal point of the house, it has to be well-thought out as it is an extension of your personality. Most of the times we buy are things we feel a personal connection with.

Be it an antique, elegant, chic, modern and minimalist – choosing a sofa tells a lot about you and your living space. Home décor is a reflection of your house and sofa plays a key role in describing that.

At HOF, with decades of experience in furniture making, we provide our customers with a wide range of sofas to explore from – based on your colour, budget, style, and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some of the bestseller items from our catalog;

SERIO – A Cosy Corner Sofa

Hoard enough supplies of munchies; choose your favourite series on Netflix and cuddle up for the lazy weekend. If you’re someone who is a movie-buff or a gamer, this sofa will be an apt choice for long hours of snuggling into it. It’s perfect for couch potato days!

2Serio has a stunning solid wood structure, made with premium medley fabric. The seating is made from high-density foam, providing unparalleled comfort. It is designed in Italy and made in India.

Basilio – A Comfortable Haven

Gather up your fiction or thriller books and curl up on this sofa to experience an uninterrupted reading experience. This sofa has square arms to rest your books in, and oversized cushions provide you with unmatched comfort.

1This Sofa might look small in size but leaves a lasting impression. Above all, it describes the bookworm that you are. It comes with a 5-year repair and replacement warranty and Rubs ‘n’ Tear resistant fabric.

Renzo –A sophisticated experience

These sofas are primarily designed for sophisticated gatherings and scintillating conversations. These sofas are for people who have a thing for everything luxe, something that’s like a finely tailored suit. You cannot be casual on these sofas and eat snacks/meals on them.


If you keep yourself updated with the latest trends and want to be a trendsetter, this piece fits right for you. It is designed in Italy and comes with a 5-year repair and replacement warranty.

 HOF has an extensive collection of sofa designs and styles to choose from. We offer a variety of fabric sofa according to your idea of decor, style inclination and budget. We would love to hear from you on our Facebook page or you can comment on this blog. Please visit shop.hofindia.com and find out the right sofa for your living space.