21 Jun

Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Find the Perfect Sofas for Your Living Room

Buy Sofas for Living Room

Which sofa to buy is a question that leaves many clueless?

Buying the right sofa for your living room is one of the major furniture decisions. You need to make a smart choice, not only because of the big investment involved but also because a sofa literally is the statement furniture in living room for family and guests.

As people in urban areas mostly live in flats or apartments, it is critical that it makes the most of every space and corner available. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet to find the perfect sofa for your living room in 2016.

Style + Functionality:

Sofas are more than just furniture lying in living-room; it is a statement and a reflection of your fashion aesthetics. However, it must also serve its functional objective. So first things first, determine the major purpose of sofa based on your lifestyle. Are you someone who barely uses a sofa, or do you regularly have parties and guests pouring in? Do you often lounge around sofas watching movies and TV or is it that you just need it to decorate your small living room. Each determines whether a sectional, love-seat or a chesterfield would be more appropriate.

Perfect Sofas for Living Room

Location, Location, Location:

Remember the classic real estate mantra of that emphasis on location. Similarly space in flats and apartments is at a premium and it’s all about making the most of it. If you have a large living room, choosing an L-shaped sectional sofa or a contemporary Italian fabric sofa can be a great choice. Similarly if you have a small living room, a simple two-seater, a round or an L-shaped sofa helps to optimize space and corners respectively.


The upholstery too makes a big impact on the looks, comfort and durability. Leather is the most favorite option both for style and durability, however Fabric sofas really standout for their sophisticated elegance. The contemporary Italian HOF sofas with stunning Scandinavian color palette and modern textures are a great example of fabric sofas that perfectly blend style, functionality and aesthetics.

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