15 Feb

Different Types Of Chairs For Office in 2017

Types of office Chairs

Want to buy chairs online in India that offer maximum comfort, great value and stands out? There are different types of online chairs other than the traditional office chairs.

The evolution in working pattern and working long hours in front of the monitor has made the ordinary office chair redundant. Moreover, given the seating cultures demanded by different professions, it becomes essential to choose chairs that best suit the seating patterns and offer maximum comfort.

Different Types of Chairs

With average working hours of around 9 hours a day, it is important to not just have a good chair, but also the right chair. Discover the different types of chairs online in India at HOF, to buy chairs best suited to your seating requirements.

Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic chairs standout for their ability to provide optimum comfort with adjustable seat height, depth, lumbar support, armrests and chair mechanism for customized comfort. At HOF our health positive ergonomic chairs increase your comfort and productivity at work.

Premium Chairs:

Designed for the top management, premium chairs feature the best of ergonomic chairs together with high aesthetics and great recline support. These chairs offer the best in comfort and looks for the corner office.

Student Chairs:

Study chairs are designed to promote excellent posture and provide excellent comfort during long hours of study. Unlike traditional study chairs, HOF student chairs offer a swivel base and advanced ergonomics adjustments to overcome fatigue and help your child focus better.

Professional Chairs:

Professional chairs feature contoured high backs in mesh or thick cushions to help you maintain a good posture in office. Additional features like a swivel base and chair mechanism make them an asset for any office.

Office Chairs for 2017

Revolving Chairs:

Revolving chairs are advanced ergonomic chairs that have a swivel base with casters and wheels for enhanced mobility and flexibility around the work space. High quality casters and trendy swivel base ensures that comfort is well within your reach.

Office Chairs:

Easily the most common types of chairs, office chairs have the characteristic swivel base, contoured cushion back, waterfall seat design and armrests in breathable upholstery like Rexin or PU leather. These are versatile and easily match the comfort level and requirements of different people.

Leather Chairs:

Designed for high aesthetics and appeal, leather chairs feature advanced ergonomics, premium upholstery like PU leather or full-grain leather. Given their rich aesthetics and top-end features, these are more expensive than other chairs.

Executive Chairs:

Preferred for boardrooms and CEOs’, executive chairs have high backrest and come with contoured back with thick cushions, padded armrest, and advanced ergonomics. Thus these are more comfortable than most of the chairs mentioned above. Available in premium PU leather or Rexin, these make an outstanding style statement wherever they go.

Discover each of these online chairs available in wide assortment of colors and designs at HOF to buy chairs online in India.