5 Jul

Top furniture ideas to make your office look more professional

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Gone are the days when employees just drove to work, spent 8 hours at their desk and went back home. Nowadays, businesses have evolved and so have their work culture as they are killing the traditional cubicle layouts and welcoming open floor plans.  Organizations are less hierarchical now – your work requires you to be multi-skilled, more flexible, be open to traveling places, be available 24X7 and do collaborative work. You’re expected to add value, be productive and highly efficient.

To deal with these dynamic and competitive changes, employers are adopting cutting edge technologies to make the workspace smart to keep the productivity high and making employees happy.  A quality workspace is crucial for a stress-free atmosphere and boosting efficiency.

While changing the look and feel of the workspace and jumping on the bandwagon, employers often overlook the impact of furniture on their employees’ well-being and health. In the modern workspace, furniture is an essential element in the undying flow of the business. It should align with the dynamics of the users to unleash their potential.

Let us walk you through the ways to accelerate productivity with the right furniture:

Comfortable seating to fuel productivity

Your employees are your assets, a comfortable work environment makes them focus on the tasks at hand and let their creative juices flow. Employees spend one-third of their time at the desk, employers should give adequate attention to the comfort and functionality of the chair they sit on. Always invest in ergonomically sound chairs that can be tailored to employees’ preferences.


At HOF, we give top priority to employees’ well-being and health. We design chairs for modern offices that are easy to use and maneuver.  One of such chairs is HOF Marco 1001, it lets you focus on what matters by keeping distractions away. The innovative design keeps your spine in alignment and supports the lower back.  It is perfect for people who spend long hours sitting at the office.

Another masterpiece from our catalog is HOF Zydo – a melange of class and comfort. Its super comfortable seating and user-adjustable features don’t let the quality of work suffer. It takes discomfort to its bare minimum and encourages productivity.

A functional and decluttered office desk 

A sedentary lifestyle is taking a toll on employees’ health. It is necessary to add items that enhance movement and flexibility in the workspace. Sitting is not advised in the long run so; employers should add an adjustable desk. The ability to switch from a seating position to a standing position will stimulate functionality and improve your health in the long run.

If you’re using the traditional desk, make sure it has enough space to accommodate your important documents and papers. The cluttered desk can harm your headspace and affect your work. Nobody likes documents soaked in your morning coffee and with your mug ring on important papers. A desk should come with filing cabinets so that papers can be safely tucked in them.

Never underestimate the power of a clutter-free atmosphere!


A recreational area to unwind                  

Transform the formal tone of your workspace by adding a fun and vibrant area where employees can unwind and have a healthy brainstorming session. These areas should be designed to fuel employees’ energy and creativity high. Also, add sofas and beanbags to make them feel relaxed from the tedious office hours.


 HOF manufactures amazing sofas for such lively spaces. These seaters give life to the aesthetics with its modern design and bright colors. HOF Victa and Cosimo are perfect to spice up the recreational settings.

Pulling it all together

You have now discovered the ideas to boost office potential with the right set of elements. Create a productive environment by investing in furniture that sets the mood of your employees and reflects the tone of your business. Never neglect the power of good ergonomic furniture because productivity and comfort go hand in hand. For top of the line and modern office chairs, visit shop.hofindia.com and choose the right furnishings for your office.