24 May

Top 5 Design Tips to Make your Office More Efficient

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Do you dream of a stylish office that combines style and functionality? Does your office work as hard as you?

The days of the stereotypical office with rows of cubicles and traditional chairs is long past gone instead today’s work spaces strive to stimulate mind and inspire out-of-the-box thinking. Think Google, Facebook and Airbnb.

Today’s work spaces are more than just run-of-the-mill offices, rather they seek to reflect the brand personality and be effective as an asset that drives the team. From the ergonomically designed chairs to the stylish sofas and the interiors of the office, it is a constant communication and assurance of brand trust.

We offer top 5 design ideas to help enhance the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Office Designs

Ergonomic Chairs:

Make chair your super-performing asset by choosing an ergonomically designed that ensures comfort and better productivity. Prolong sitting long hours on chairs leads to fatigue and often spinal injuries. While their rise is quite alarming among employees, these also hamper their efficiency. Choosing an ergonomic chair for your office is indeed a big investment but it is an investment that will reap dividends for the business.

Naturally Bright:

Natural light promotes positivity and enhances energy apart from saving energy. Go eco-friendly and choose to increase the exposure of natural light in your work space. Even research suggests that natural light in office boosts health. This is beneficial to health and positively effects mood and alertness. Offices must be well-lit and spacious.

Open Spaces:

Make working fun for your team with spacious work space that inspires creativity. Rather than a cramped work space, a spacious work space encourages more ideation. The modern concept of office demands that offices be lean and spacious. This not only helps avoid the clutter but also makes your office more organized and productive.

Succeed with Flying Colors:

Don’t be stuck with the classic pastels, use vibrant colors for a stimulating environment that inspires creativity and boosts productivity. Colors such as Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple have a very strong positive impact in enhancing the overall ambience of the office.

Go Green:

Adding greenery to your office contributes to add more positivity and happiness. Research highlight that a green office is more comfortable and enjoyable, thus enhancing the productivity. Yet another study suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants actually increase the worker’s quality of life and productivity.

Take your office to the next level by injecting these design tips and allow your office to communicate your culture and brand personality.