8 Jun

Top 3 Reasons Why Ergonomic Student Chair Make a Difference?

Ergonomic student chairs

Are you planning to buy chairs online for your kid? Will any reasonable ergonomic chair do or should you choose ergonomic student chair? Do you realize that while functionality of a chair is based on comfort, safety and usefulness, in context of children, an ergonomic chair must also be relevant to anthropocentric characteristics of children?

Students spend hours sitting on chair studying, playing video games, doing projects, browsing and social media. Whether at school, college or even preparing for competitive exams, it is absolutely essential for students to have a chair that supports their spine and helps them maintain a good posture.

Why ergonomic student chairs are so essential?

During their formative years, boys and girls are growing, thus there is a mismatch between a child’s body and the size of a chair manufactured for an adult. Further within boys and girls too there is a difference in the range of body sizes and rates of growth.

Ergonomic Designs with Anthropometric Characteristics:

Ergonomic student chairs are designed taking anthropometric data and characteristics of children in their growing stages. This makes them ideally suitable for children in comparison to traditional chairs. Chairs like the HOF Toro 5001 are a good example of this.

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Less Fatigue More Focus:

Children sit in various positions, slouched or upright. Thus lack of sufficient support or ergonomically designed chair causes greater fatigue, discomfort leading to poor posture as well as back or neck pain, thus affecting focus and productivity. Ergonomic student chairs feature adjustable seat/ height, swivel base, PU arms and such features that allow movement and help remove strain from back and neck. The wide seat pan, waterfall seat design, thermal heating, mesh back and Synchro-tilt mechanism make seating more comfortable for children. The HOF Priviya 7005 Student Chairs is a great example of this.

Affordable and Durable:

When you buy chairs online, often the ergonomic chairs are expensive. While of course they pack in excellent features, yet high quality ergonomic chairs come at a premium. However, student chairs are reasonably prices like the HOF Priviya 7004 and also are a great value for money. This helps to make your home too into an active learning environment.

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