6 Jul

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Student Chairs for Children

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Ergonomics aims at adapting working conditions to the individual. Therefore children require student chairs that blend both ergonomics and anthropometric data to suit their growing bodies and varying sitting postures. There are great varieties to buy chairs online in India, however, apart from price; you must also ensure that it is suitable for your child.

Traditional chairs with rigid seat cause lack of blood circulation, tense shoulder, neck and back muscles and also strain the lower back muscles. Therefore it is important to buy chair that offers support and avoids straining the back muscles. This not only keeps them comfortable and avoids fatigue when studying long hours but also keeps them focused

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Did you think that ergonomically designed office chairs are only for office? Children sit around 9 hours on a chair either at school or sitting in front of computer when at home. Further, the chair and furniture must be according to their height and proportion. This prolongs sitting continuously together with bad posture and constant strain to back muscles harms their bone development since they are at a growing stage. So why is the decision to buy chairs that are ergonomically designed so important?

Growing Children – Anthropometry & Ergonomics

Unlike traditional furniture, ergonomic chairs are designed and manufactured keeping anthropometric data of growing children. As children grown, their bodies grow in size, shape and dimensions which effects their seating requirements. Moreover the seating solutions for children must adapt to them rather than vice-versa. Therefore there are different ergonomic student chairs for a 10 year old child and a 16 year old teen. Ideally the variations between boys and girls must also be factored in because girls grow faster than boys. The HOF PRIVIYA 7002 is an excellent choice to buy chairs online in India.

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Flexible Seat with better seat pan adjustability:

Seat pan in adult ergonomic chairs or traditional chairs are often too deep for children. Children vary their postures and an adjustable seat pan is a critical feature to help them maintain a good natural spine posture. If the seat pan is short, their legs will be left hanging over the front edge of the chairs, and in case of a long seat pan they will be unable to reach the back support of the chairs and may develop tendency to slouch. Thus it is necessary to select an ergonomic student chair that have adjustable seat pan that can be adjusted as they grow. The HOF Priviya 7001 is one such example that makes a great selection as a student chair online.

Increases focus:

Ergonomic chairs not only help children concentrate on study for longer hours but also maintain a natural spine posture. This helps your children improve their posture and ensures that they do not suffer serious consequences due to strain on back or poor ergonomics.

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