12 Jul

Top 3 Best Executive Office Chairs For People Who Like to Lean Back

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Almost all executive chairs have an ergonomic back designed for lower back support. In-spite of a wide variety of executive chairs online only a few office chairs can claim to be ergonomically advanced and offer comfort all through the eight hours at work.

Majority of people in workspace working on computer give more emphasis to executive office chairs with lumbar support. However there are many who like to lean back on their chairs which demands more advanced ergonomics than the regular ergonomic office chairs.

They prefer executive office chair with high back, adjustable neck and head support, and swing-tilt mechanism that automatically adjusts to their movement and balances the body weight. We list out the best executive chairs that have been our bestsellers for their ergonomically advanced features and value for money.

HOF Marco 1007H:

This high-back executive office chair is striking, comfortable, functional and stands out with its contrast color aesthetics. The specially designed sigma chrome detailing and class 3-gaslift enhance its presence wherever it goes. Adjustable lumbar support, synchro mechanism, adjustable head rest and adjustable PU arms make this ergonomically advanced HOF health-positive chair perfect for your office.

Top 3 Best Executive Office Chairs For People Who Like to Lean Back

HOF Marco 1001H:

When you have power it shows and this sleek, stylish executive office chair describes it best. Waterfall seat design to eliminate pressure from legs, specially contoured back and head rest for spine support, full-tilt mechanism for self-adjusting recline mechanism make this a great choice for individuals who like to lean back on their chairs. Available in wide range of colors in both Rexin and Turkish Leatherite, HOF Marco 1001 H with its contemporary minimalist aesthetics and sturdy look makes a great impression.

HOF Zeba 541:

Sleek, sharp and sophisticated, the HOF Zeba 541 executive chair commands attention not just for its looks but ability to deliver the ultimate seating experience. Knee-tilt synchro mechanism for self-adjustable recline support, waterfall seat for balanced weight distribution and the patented design 4 way adjustable mechanized head rest for better head and neck support make this executive office chair a numero uno choice for the top boss.

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