28 Feb

Tips for Improving Posture at Office

Office Furniture

Feeling sore at the end of a long working day? You are not the only one. Unfortunately, during the working days many of us have a sedentary lifestyle. However, there are plenty of ways in improving your posture and be more comfortable while you work.

Feet flat on the floor–Many of us are in the habit of sitting with their feet crossed most of the time. Crossing the legs and sitting on them will hinder proper blood flow and can lead to multiple problems in a longer run. The appropriate posture for feet is keeping them flat on the ground. If that doesn’t turn out to be very comfortable for you, then a footrest to prop them up will help.

Hold your head high – Your head should be upright with your ears being parallel to your shoulders. The monitor should be the same height as your eyes to avoid hunching forward. Keeping the head tilted forwards or backwards can be a real pain in the neck.

Support for Lumbar region–Lumbar region also known as lower spine has a slight curve to it. So, make sure it is properly supported to hold that natural curve in its place. An office chair with adjustable lumbar support or a lumbar support pillow that can be attached to your existing task chair will provide you with the needed comfort.

Put your shoulders back–Sitting up straight means putting your shoulders back. This will prevent unwanted back pain after long hours spent at your computer desk.

Keep moving–Try setting an alarm on your phone or laptop that reminds you to get up every 45 minutes. Once the alarm goes off you can take a stroll around the office or just stand up and stretch for a couple of minutes. If you aren’t able to step away from your desk, some simple desk exercises such as calf raises or stretches will do the needful.

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