30 Dec

Ultimate Guide To Executive Office Chair Armrests


The arm-rest in your executive office chair helps reduce tension in your neck and shoulder. Imagine the toll and stress that your shoulders will have to bear if there is no way to rest your arms on your armrest.

Armrests are an important element of your executive chairs and equally important is its location. Too high armrest takes a toll on shoulder muscles, while if the armrest is too low, it will cause you to slouch. Therefore most of the ergonomically designed executive office chairs have adjustable armrests that can be easily adjusted based on one’s preference and requirement.

Types of Armrests in Chairs

Arm-rests in an executive chair range from the ergonomically designed adjustable arm-rests that allow you to adjust the height of the arm-rest according to your comfort and frame to the basic non-adjustable arm-rests that are found in budget range chairs and do not offer much comfort unlike adjustable arm-rests.  Below is a quick guide to the different types of armrests:

Height Adjustable Armrests:

These are the most popular armrest models and are essential to avoid any stress on your arms, shoulder or neck muscles.  Generally most of the executive office chairs with adjustable armrests have adjustable height to suit one’s requirement.

A popular design within height adjustable armrests include either the button or a trigger type mechanism wherein you have you push the button while sliding the armrest up or down according to your comfort. An ideal height for your armrest is when your shoulders are relaxed, the arms are close by your side and each of the forearms is supported equally.


Width and Pivot Adjustable Armrests:

These types of armrests have adjustable width and pivot i.e. they allow you to tilt your armrests inwards or outwards according your level of comfort. These types of armrests are ergonomically advanced and help relax your upper back or even help reverse kyphosis condition.

Basic Armrests/ Unadjustable Armrests

These are more geared for budget shopper and though they may be a feasible option, it is best recommended to have adjustable armrests in your executive chairs.

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