25 Jul

These HOF chairs take luxury living to a whole new level

HOF Chairs

Who on the earth wouldn’t want to have their abode designed in a unique way? Especially when you are a creative freak, things become more specific. You would always want to have the space designed in an extraordinary manner. Right from the wall clock to wall paint and from study lamp to balcony chair- you would want everything to be amazingly exceptional.

Many of you may think how a chair can be a part of creative décor, right? But trust us; it can! We, at HOF India, have a variety of high-end luxurious chairs for you. Apart from our major offerings in office chairs, we also have some best pieces that can add an oomph factor to your posh living. Jalsa and Aaram are two such chairs to have a look at. Both of them have been given typical Gujarati names from which Jalsa means ‘fun’ and Aaram means ‘to rest’.


Jalsa - HOF Chair

Jalsa comes with luxurious upholstery available in fine fabric and an uncomplicated silhouette to exude the timeless elegance. Its all-wooden structure is made of solid teak wood with melamine polish that makes it durable. Comfy sprung seat is what makes Jalsa, an ideal chair to spend those fun (Jalsa) moments.


Aaram - HOF Chair

This HOF chair is handcrafted beautifully from start to finish. Its solid teak wood frame has been made after gluing, screwing and dowelling to give it an impressive support and durability. With extraordinary relaxing design of Aaram, this chair is a contemporary example of the traditional recliner chairs.

Both of these chairs can give your luxury lifestyle a retreat. So when are you getting them to your home? Checkout other HOF chairs also.

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