6 May

NEWTON: The scientist of all student chairs

NEWTON - Buy Student Chair

Students spend a lot of hours sitting every day, so it’s necessary that they use a comfortable and ergonomically-designed chair. Many children opt for a stylish one, but what if it’s not comfortable? If so, then they wouldn’t be able to concentrate in their studies and may eventually result in poor grades.

A wrong student chair can be an obstacle in fulfilling your child’s dreams.

And being parents, you certainly would not want this, right?

Solution is to use the right one. We have a wide range of such chairs which are particularly designed for the students and NEWTON is one of them. It’s also one of our bestselling chairs. Our proud customers have consistently chosen it as a best study buddy for their children.

Wrong chair can ruin your champ’s future!

Today, children have started to live a luxurious lifestyle, with less physical stress. Plus, most of them have developed a habit of improper sitting which can result in poor body posture and various body aches at an early age, if not taken due care. In addition, this discomfort doesn’t allow your champ to focus on their curriculum and eventually, your child may not perform well. This may lead to the bad grades!

Scientist of all the student chairs!

NEWTON - student chairs

NEWTON is ergonomically designed by keeping in mind the body structure of children. Its body-oriented design suits all the body sizes and maintains the natural structure of the spine. It has been given features such as centre tilt-synchro mechanism, Nylon base with glass-filled castors and single point wired locking switch. It has some simple adjustments which are very easy to use for your buddies. Its high-density foam mould seat and mesh back make it ideal for sitting long-hours. Mostly, the students have a complaint of sweating at back while sitting continuous for long-hours, but NEWTON’s back is made of mesh beaded fabric which actually breathes and prevents from sweating.

You can buy this chair online from here:

A) http://shop.hofindia.com/newton

B) http://goo.gl/oP25EQ

C) http://goo.gl/6xXAuY

D) http://goo.gl/0jN4co