30 Nov


ergonomic office chairs for short people

When it comes to office furniture, a majority of the people are sceptical about adding colour to the furniture around them. However, furniture pieces that are coloured and textured have positive psychological impacts on employees thus resulting in optimum work productivity. An office that is bright and vibrant attracts more attention and leads to a more positive work environment. Along with this, people that work in spaces that are designed to be more interactive, have higher levels of creative inspiration.

The fact that a simple coat of paint is able to increase satisfaction and productivity levels of employees must be encouraged and adapted to. While buying office chairs and furniture, it is important to bring in some kind of change and innovation into the existing set-up. By choosing a piece that is a little coloured or differently designed and is ergonomic can truly make all the difference.

A common misconception is that an office’s colours must be toned down to shades of grey, white or beige. While neutral colours most certainly are classic and popular, the emotion related to these hues is mainly of gloom and workspaces come across as dull and drab. Since furniture is something that must be suited to a large number of people’s needs, it is only natural that there must be some kind of system in place. However, challenging yourself and looking towards change and innovation is the next big thing, even in office furniture types.

The best part about repainting your office walls or purchasing office furniture that is more vibrant is that different colours symbolise different things. Each office can, therefore, create its own unique environment which can eventually be inculcated into the representation of the brand through the use of colour schemes.

Colours such as green and blue are viewed as welcoming and warm and can help the employees feel relaxed and calm. These colours also go well with almost any style of furniture and work well in any organizational setting. Shades and tones of colours such as red and yellow indicate energy and can be used in office furniture to create a lively and active work environment. It is important to keep in mind that the colour of the furniture must be coordinated with the wall colours as well as the overall vibe of the office.

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