22 Jan

The best posture is always the next posture!

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Do you know about a good or a bad sitting posture? How is your posture right now, while you are reading this post? Are you sitting up right? Or slouching at back? Or totally sunk into your chair?

Well, when we were kids, our parents and teachers kept us advising to sit straight in order to maintain a correct sitting posture. But unfortunately, this correct sitting posture is not clearly defined anywhere. As per a study in 1999, it is optimal to sit at an angle of 110 to 130 degrees for spine comfort whereas, according to a study in 2007, leaning back at 135 degrees is ideal for preventing back strain. But can you practically measure that angle? Can you tell at what angle are you sitting right now? No, it’s difficult to measure as well as maintain!

Sitting Posture

On the other side, it is essential to maintain a good sitting posture to avoid several body aches. Sitting with a straight upright back can be called as a good posture because the vertebrae in your back are nicely aligned which, in turn, would reduce the back pain. Another option is to use an ergonomic chair because it is specially designed to suit natural body posture of humans.

Moreover, many of you may have jobs which require spending more time working at your desks. So it is certainly important and beneficial if you use ergonomic chairs. By doing this, you need not to worry much about maintaining the right sitting posture because the chair itself would help you maintain that posture. As a result, you can stay far away from different health related problems including poor blood circulation, back pain, neck pain, joint stiffing and more. But you can avoid these problems by keeping these few things in mind and avoiding them:

  • Don’t sit in such a way that it causes you to crane your head or strain your shoulders and back in order to see your computer screen. This way, you can avoid the negative impact on your neck and lower back.
  • Don’t slouch, curl or sink yourself in the chair because this is surely going to affect your body posture.

Sitting Style on Chairs

More importantly, a good posture can always be the NEXT posture! Because any posture you are having for more than several hours is anyway not good for your health! A human body is not meant to stick at computer screen for all the 8 hours. For better health and well-being, you’ll have to keep moving. Let’s have a look to 3 main benefits of moving and not sitting in the same position for a long period:

  • It can help you breathe more efficiently than sitting in the same posture for a long time.
  • Proper breathing, in turn, increases thinking ability because our brain needs 20% of oxygen to do its job properly and give more ideas.
  • It reduces the risk of stiffing of different joints, neck pain, back aches, risk of slipped disc and poor blood circulation.

So if you want to stay away from all those body aches, you have two options – first, you better keep moving even within your busy office schedules, or second, buy an ergonomic chair!

What would you prefer?