26 Jun

The art of crafting perfect office chairs

Perfect Office Chair

Chair designing is not just crafting a furniture piece on which a person can sit. There is more to it. Right from its sketch to the assembly line – a lot of research and development is undertaken before a chair is manufactured.

As one of the most leading chair manufacturers and suppliers in India, HOF India has mastered the art of crafting the perfect chairs. HOF is a premier furniture brand selling office chairs that are ergonomically designed. To determine the quality assurance standard of these office chairs, they are passed through some most stringent tests that follow the guidelines laid down by BIFMA and ANSI.

Have a look at some such tests:

Tilting mechanism test

This test is for evaluating the ability of tilt mechanism to bear the fatigue stress caused by repeated tilting. To perform this test, a particular load is placed on the seat and then, back-pulled/pushed without over riding or impacting both ends of mechanism at vertical center line for 75000 cycles at the rate of 10 to 30 cycles per minute.

Caster base durability test

This is performed to evaluate the capability of office chair base to bear the stress caused by moving the chair back and forth. From this, it is decided whether the chair base is capable of bearing the fatigue.

Base load test

Base load test finds out the capacity of pedestal to withstand stress produced by excessive vertical forces. While performing this test, no structural breakage or sudden/major change should happen in the structural integrity of the base.

These tests validate that HOF chairs come with outstanding quality and durability. All our chairs are designed ergonomically that give you all-day comfort while working, studying or relaxing. So buying any of HOF office chairs would be a value-for-money deal. Checkout the latest collection of office chairs now!