28 Mar


Nowadays, homeowners always reassess their home and design layout to find a little room for renewal. While you are all into exceptional, timeless and personalized pieces of furniture, it is always refreshing and fun to experiment with new trends. You...
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14 Feb

Top 7 expert-approved ways to save money while decorating a living room

When it comes to giving your living space some decor boost, the budget is the key. Big budgets do make the task easier, but not everyone has that. Decorating a living room should not always be expensive. You can do...
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12 Apr

5 Ways To Decor And Design The Perfect Director’s Cabin

The Director’s cabin is the backbone of an organisation, a symbol of success and authority hence the designing and décor should be elegant, soft and soothing. Directors spend most of their time in planning and execution of tasks in the...
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17 Aug

Let Your Furniture Bring Out the Boss in You

Premium Boss Office Chair HOF India
In any organization, a great deal of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the boss/bosses of the company. They must effectively manage, lead and inspire employees. Good managers bring tangible benefits to the company, including the ability to motivate employees...
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30 Jun

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Office Chairs

The quality of office furniture is directly related to work productivity and efficiency. Furniture that is made especially for the workplace provides for more functionality and helps to achieve a more pleasant experience in the office. While most of us...
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