29 Nov

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips

Promote well-being and productivity at the workplace with these 5 tips
Workplace well-being is the secret ingredient of successful businesses, it is rooted in the business strategy of the organization operating in all sectors. Workplace design has a major impact on employees’ output, health, creativity and productivity. Employers need to find...
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15 Nov

Ergonomic furniture – a journey from distraction to concentration

Ergonomic furniture - a journey from distraction to concentration
In recent times, ergonomic chairs have become increasingly popular in India and across the globe because it determines the efficiency of people in office and factors that affect productivity. It has become a staple of all highly productive workplace environment....
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9 Aug

Here’s why you should buy office furniture in bulk

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Business owners are perpetually on a lookout for ways to reduce the overheads, be more efficient and save money. Most often, they’re in a dilemma about how to distribute their funds while furnishing and designing their office. After spending a...
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5 Jul

Top furniture ideas to make your office look more professional

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Gone are the days when employees just drove to work, spent 8 hours at their desk and went back home. Nowadays, businesses have evolved and so have their work culture as they are killing the traditional cubicle layouts and welcoming...
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10 May

Evolution of Ergonomic Office Chairs In Workplace

Evolution Of Ergonomic Office Chairs
The quest of finding a comfortable chair that takes all your worries away is not new; people have chased better seating options for centuries. Now, the market has evolved and flooded with gazillions of options to suit your style and...
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26 Apr

Budget Friendly Furniture For Small Offices

Budget Friendly Office Furniture for Small Offices
When you have restricted small space for your office, it is essential to furnish and design it in a way that makes it look spacious, uncluttered, organized and efficient. It needs a lot of creativity to carve out more room...
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12 Apr

5 Ways To Decor And Design The Perfect Director’s Cabin

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The Director’s cabin is the backbone of an organisation, a symbol of success and authority hence the designing and décor should be elegant, soft and soothing. Directors spend most of their time in planning and execution of tasks in the...
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8 Feb

A Categorical Guide to Buying Office Furniture

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It is a well-known fact that sorting things based on different categories provide for optimum productivity and peace of mind. Placing items into categories guides the purpose of one’s interaction with the environment. Categorization helps to describe an item to...
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