4 Nov

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children’s room

4 reasons why student chair is an important element of your children's room
A student spends his/her time sitting and studying for prolonged hours just like the adults in the workplace. Parents often overlook and fail to realize that uncomfortable sitting may give rise to back pain, physical stress and bad body posture...
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12 Dec


As far as office workers and related pains are concerned, the most talked about kind of problems are of the back and neck. In addition to issues faced in these parts of the body, leg pain is known to affect...
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10 Aug

Know Which Type of Chair is Perfect For You

Office chairs form the most integral part a working individual’s life. Since most of the tasks performed at the workplace involve sitting, a comfortable and easy to use chair is extremely important. A good office chair is one that makes...
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20 Jul

5 Reasons Your Office Chair Must Be a Computer Chair First

Computer Chair for Office
Are you someone who spends a minimum of 6 hours at your work desk? Do you usually experience some kind of pain in your back, shoulders and neck after leaving from work? Well, maybe you need to change the chair...
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