27 Jan

Best chair for students, a modern computer chair or a wooden chair?

Modern Student Chairs

Children spend a lot of their time sitting, either at school or at home while watching TV, playing games or studying. Therefore it is important to buy high-quality student chairs, which is able to help them maintain a healthy posture as also support their active lifestyle and growing bodies. The one common dilemma that parents often face is to whether choose modern computer chair or a wooden student chairs?

Best Student Chairs – Modern Computer Chair or Wooden chair

The traditional wooden chair was designed to enforce upright posture position and fails to maintain the natural ‘S’ curvature of the spine, thus often leading to poor posture in students.

Because children are growing and very active, it is necessary to ensure that they maintain a good posture. Poor posture puts unnecessary amount of stress on the lower back which puts stress on the diaphragm, and in turn affects breathing and voice quality. Further poor posture also leads to excessive weight, injuries and causes fatigue or ever shoulder ache among children.

Modern Student Chairs & Advanced Ergonomics

 In comparison to the traditional wooden chair, the modern styles of ergonomic student chairs like the HOF Oliviya 3002 or HOF Oliviya 3001  are well-designed after intensive research of human anatomy and latest trends to support for natural curvature of the spine for comfort and promote good posture. These modern ergonomic student chairs feature advanced ergonomics that promote healthy posture and good study skills. So what are the standout features that make modern ergonomic student chairs a wiser investment from traditional wooden chairs?

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Chair Mechanism:

Children are restless and change multiple postures when sitting. Unlike a wooden chair which does not respond to their varying postures, modern computer chairs with chair mechanisms like knee-tilt, synchro-tilt or full-swing chair mechanism in a chair automatically adjust the back and seat pan, which together with waterfall seat design and cushioned back for ultimate support and comfort.

Adjustable Seat Height & Armrests:

Children are at a growing stage and adjustable seat height and armrests allow them to adjust the chair according to their requirement. This also helps avoid stress to neck and shoulder during prolong hours.

Swivel Base:

Unlike a traditional wooden chair, modern student chairs with swivel base offers flexibility and mobility around the workspace as also reduces the fatigue to help the student concentrate better.

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