18 May

Some interesting facts about your favorite chairs and other furniture

Revolving Chairs

For centuries, we have been using various furniture pieces at our homes and offices. We use sofas at our homes. We use revolving chairs at our office. We love our chairs and other furniture too much. We all are crazy and too much possessive about the furniture we use but do we actually know how it came into existence? Have you ever wondered why your beloved corner – bookshelf is designed in a certain manner? Do you know the story behind invention of a revolving chair or a table? Or a rocking chair?

Well, we at HOF, have some interesting facts about your most favorite furniture. Through this small piece of content, we will unveil some tiny yet interesting facts. Let’s get on it quickly!


Table is something which almost each home owns. Apart from being ground zero for a lot of conversations, a table is used for many other activities. Coming to the main point – its existence, let us tell you that this word has been derived from ‘Tabula’, a Latin term which means a flat piece – a plank or a board.

Revolving office chairs

At our workplaces, we use revolving office chairs. We, at HOF also manufacture and supply revolving HOF chairs. But let us tell you one thing that the previous edition of these much-comfortable revolving chairs was not revolving at first! Thanks to Charles Darwin for the invention of a chair which can be easily moved from one place to another. He was the one who attached wheels to an arm chair and see, now you have these revolving office chairs.


Books might be your dream world – bound between two layers and captured in zillions of words! Some read books for the fantasy and some, in search of solace. But where you put these books on? The bookshelf, right? Do you know an interesting fact about the bookshelf? The Bodleian library at Oxford University has one of the oldest bookshelves in the world.

Rocking chairs

In 1710, a person tied two ice skates to a chair’s bottom in order to make it the rocking chair. And this is how, today, you can have pleasure of rocking in these rocking chairs!

As you know these facts now, share them with others and surprise them as well. And to buy the best revolving chairs at discounted rates, checkout this space!