22 Feb

School Chairs – Adding Comfort to the Learning Environment

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Ever wondered why adult chairs are padded, have contoured back & swivel base whereas student chairs in India in classroom are either wooden or unyielding polypropylene.

The term Ergonomics (from the Greek work ergon meaning work, and nomoi meaning natural laws) is the science of redefining the interaction among human and products so as to optimize working conditions to the individual. Therefore whether in schools or at home, it is important to provide children with optimum ergonomic seating that is relaxed, comfortable and helps maintain natural spine posture.

Ergonomic School Chairs – Adding Comfort To Learning Environment

School furniture like student chairs is critical in creating a high performance learning environment. Since children spend most of their day at school, it is important that schools provide a learning environment to children through ergonomically designed student chairs with seat and backrests that adapts to a child’s physical requirements. These not only support children in maintaining a good posture but also ensure that they do not slouch or feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips to consider when buying ergonomic student chairs online.

Top 3 Factors to Consider For Ergonomic School Chairs

With growing awareness about the importance of ergonomics towards creating a more comfortable and focused learning environment, there has been a surge in demand for ergonomic school chairs. Here are the top 3 factors that you must consider when buying student chairs online in India.

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Ergonomically Designed:

Good quality school chairs must be designed for comfort and flexibility while scoring high on functionality according the age of children. It is even better if the student chairs come with adjustable seat height and back support so that they can be adjusted according to the requirement of the child with growing age.

Student Age & Comfort:

The right type of student chairs should be adjustable and flexible to adapt to the growing bodies of children. Since children have an active lifestyle and frequently change postures, the student chair must be made of high-quality materials and be adjustable to support their different body frames.


Form and function apart, good quality student chairs in India must also be affordable and be available in a wide variety of contemporary trendy designs and colors to offer great value.
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