17 Jul

Say bye to back pain with ergonomic office chairs

ergonomic office chairs

Lower back pain is one of the most common health problems seen in the working professionals so far. Most of the times, it is the result of sitting without adequate back support and proper posture on the poorly-designed office chair. Major portion of our work schedules is occupied with desk jobs, making us live the sedentary routines. In India, professionals sit for an average of 8 hours every day.

However being seated for long hours is indeed a requirement, it is possible to prevent back pain and other problems if you opt for a properly-designed office chair which offers great support to your entire body. If you are fed up of experiencing a bad back pain due to continuous sitting, it’s time that you invest in an ergonomic chair.

A conventional standard desk chair is often made with a one-size-fits-all type design which suits some but not all. Most individuals eventually experience back problems. On other side, there are numerous perks of using an ergonomically-designed office chair over a conventional desk chair. Most of us, every day, experience the unpleasant back pain while working on our office chair. Hours get spent hunched over the file work or squinting at our computer screen ultimately results in poor spinal posture. Hunching and squinting may also over stretch the shoulder and lumbar muscles. So, back pain and the body ache come as an inevitable side-effect of our white collar living which is not good for us at all. But an ergonomic office chair can undoubtedly rectify your back pain.

Perks of using an ergonomic office chair

  • Improved arm support
  • Well-fitted seat depth
  • Adjustable height, good for leg and foot comfort
  • Improved back and lumbar support
  • Ergonomic back best-suits the spinal structure
  • More comfortable neck support
  • Better head position, preventing eyestrain
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Improved work ability for longer period
  • Comfortable material and padding

Best ergonomic HOF chairs to consider

  • Carbon High Back
  • Marco 1013
  • MARCO 1007H
  • MARCO 1008M
  • BOSS 421
  • VIVO 511H
  • PRIVIYA 7004

So if you don’t want to suffer from the back pain anymore, then buy yourself an ergonomic chair. Checkout our range of HOF chairs now.