18 Jan

Ultimate Revolving Office Chair Buying Guide for 2019

Revolving Office chairs Online India

Looking to buy office chairs online for your new office? Finding a quality revolving office chair among the wide variety of swivel office chairs online in India is not an easy task.

Why Revolving Chairs Are The Most Popular Office Chairs?

Revolving chairs offer enhanced flexibility, comfort and mobility. The right office chair not only provides you with comfort and adjustable support but also contributes to the well-being of your employees and ultimately the organization.

Casters and wheel base are critical parts of a revolving chair and the type of wheel casters determines the durability and comfort of the chairs. From hard floor casters to soft floor casters, from the versatile and ultra-tough glass-filled nylon casters to the all-purpose polyurethane wheels, it is important to ensure that your office chair comes with the right set of caster wheels to suit your work space.

At HOF – India’s leading office chairs suppliers, our furniture designers ensure that not only do our HOF office chairs come with lot of great ergonomic features but also meet the ‘Caster/ Chair Base Durability Tests’ quality guideline set by BIFMA/ ANSI to evaluate the ability of HOF chairs to withstand fatigue stressed and wear caused by moving the chair back and forth.

Our furniture experts at HOF offer you reasons why the added functionality, comfort and practicality of revolving office chairs like the HOF ZEBA – 542 or HOF BOSS -422  make them so compelling.

HOF office chairs suppliers

What Makes a Good Revolving Office Chair?

Apart from a lot of great ergonomic features like modern design, adjustable seat height, chair mechanism, lumbar support and stylish breathable fabric, a good quality revolving chairs has following features:

  • Twin-wheel Glass-filled nylon casters for smooth movement and better mobility.
  • The chair must have passed the caster/ chair base durability tests as required by BIFMA/ ANSI
  • Appropriate soft floor casters, polyurethane casters or hard floor casters suited to your workspace requirement.

Recommended Revolving Office chairs Online India by HOF

Here is a list of handpicked revolving chairs at HOF that offer you the very best in comfort, functionality and practicality at very affordable price:


This HOF revolving chair offers a great blend of modern design and advanced ergonomics with adjustable features for enhanced support. The S-curved back supports the natural curvature of your spine, while the swivel base adds to your flexibility at work space.


One of our finest revolving office chairs online in India, HOF ELDO 432 N is sleek, stylish and comes with advanced ergonomics. The modern practical design with swivel base makes it a versatile asset.


The chair beautifully blends aesthetics and functionality to offer you lumbar support, adjustable seat height for ultimate comfort.

Explore the ultimate collection of revolving office chairs online in India today at HOF to add style and comfort to your office.