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How To Choose A Leather Office chair?

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Leather office chairs look sophisticated and effortlessly add comfort and luxury to any workspace. Whether you are a CEO or in the top management, a high-quality leather office chair is a great choice for its comfort, durability and the powerful authority it invokes.

However leather office chairs are expensive and with the sea of choices available online, it become a tough decision to choose the right leather chair for your office. Fret not, our HOF chair experts offer you quick tips to help you choose the best leather office chair online.

How To Select Leather Office chair

Buying a quality leather chair is nothing short of an accomplishment and is indeed an owner’s pride. So what are the key elements that you must consider when selecting a leather chair for your office.

Type and Quality of Leather:

Not all leathers are created equal. Leather chairs carry different types of leather upholstery that range from full-grain leather to faux leather or leatherette.

On one hand is the expensive and natural full-grain leather that offers natural patina of leather has a sophisticated appeal and tends to look and feel better with time. While at the other end is the faux-leather or leatherette that is affordable, has almost the same look as leather, wears better and is easy to clean and maintain.

Most of leather office chairs online at HOF come in exciting options of Turkish leatherette and Rexin while our premium chairs come in luxurious full-grain leather and tufted pattern.

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Advanced Ergonomic Features

Ensure that your luxury chair comes with advanced ergonomic like adjustable seat height, full-swing chair mechanism, adjustable armrests and conforms to the highest quality assurance standards and guidelines laid down by BIFMA/ ANSI.  This assures their ability to deliver high-performance seating over a long time.

Seat Back Length and Design

Do you prefer a high back or medium back chair? Moreover, would you like your office chair to have patterns like a tufted design or prefer a plain and smooth back? While the high back chair with body-oriented focus on giving comfort to the upper back while also maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, office chairs with medium back provide support to the middle and lumbar region. HOF leather chairs like the HOF BOSS 422 and HOF KENZO 551 are excellent examples.


While the colour palette in full-grain and top-grain leather is fairly restricted to neutral tones where as in case of PU leather or leathertte, you have a wide range of colours to choose from that go well with your décor. The HOF Zydo 531 and HOF Boss 421 are excellent examples of the stunning range of colors available in HOF leather chairs.

Explore the stunning range of leather office chairs online at HOF that are manufactured in state-of-the-art plant by highly-skilled professionals. As one of India’s leading office chairs suppliers, HOF offers you quality, reliability and value for money. Interested in bulk purchase and discounts on bulk orders for your organization? Our chair experts offer custom design services and exciting discounts. Hurry shop online at HOF now.