10 Jun

Pick the right material for your office chair

premium chair material

Most of us think that buying an office chair is a job anyone can easily do, right? Well, if you too think the same, then let us tell you that you are wrong as it asks for pretty good considerations. You have to take care of several things such as its design, style, color, quality, fabric and much more.

As we all know, we being working professionals spend most of our working hours sitting on our office chair. And hence, it is very important that the chair is ergonomically designed while providing you great comfort. While buying the chair, you have to make sure that your premium chair has upholstery that best-suits your body structure and temperature. For example, a leather premium chair may look luxurious and classy but leather has a warm nature which might not suit your body.

Let us have a look at some features which your selected chair material should have:

Tender material

The material must not be rough or stiff otherwise it may create rashes at your skin on continuous sitting. Look out for the material that is smooth and soft.


Your office chair is used every day and so, it is essential that it is made of durable material which can undergo rough use.


With time passing, some materials shrink which not only spoils the look of your chair but also becomes uncomfortable to sit. Better to make sure that the upholstery is of good quality and that it doesn’t shrink.


While working, there are chances of spilling water and drinks or other food items on your office chair. Solution is to find a material that is stain-resistant. Checkout HOF chairs for the same.


Many materials fade off too soon with usage. Make sure that you pick the good material that doesn’t discolor or fade.

So next time when you plan to buy a new office chair, don’t forget to pay enough attention to its material. Find out what material our HOF chairs are using!