HOF Chair Quality Assurance
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A Quick Guide to Quality Assurance Standards Adopted by HOF

HOF Furniture system meets industry’s highest quality assurance standards which are adopted by world’s leading furniture manufacturers. These tests conform to guidelines laid down by BIMFA/ American National Standard Institute (ANSI). These quality assurance standards ensure the safety and durability of any ergonomic chair. Moreover HOF also follows a strict

Ergonomically Designed Chairs
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What Are Work-Related-Musculoskeletal-Disorders (WRMDs) and how Ergonomic Chairs Can Help?

Musculoskeletal Disorders continue to rise at an alarming rate in India and world-wide.  The sedentary lifestyle and work culture of sitting long hours in front of computer contributes to the rampant rise in these cases. A recent report estimates that one in two Americans is affected by musculoskeletal conditions (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/03/160301114116.htm).

NEWTON - Buy Student Chair
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NEWTON: The scientist of all student chairs

Students spend a lot of hours sitting every day, so it’s necessary that they use a comfortable and ergonomically-designed chair. Many children opt for a stylish one, but what if it’s not comfortable? If so, then they wouldn’t be able to concentrate in their studies and may eventually result in

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5 Ways to regain the lost charm of your sofa

Getting bored with the same look of your sofa? Want an instant makeover? No need to buy a new one! After all, you might have paid a lot of bucks for its purchase! Don’t worry, we have a simple way to restore the lost charm! Replace the old boring pillow

HOF Furniture Fair at Milan

HOF ruled the International Design Fair at Milan, Italy

The grand international design fair ‘Brera Design District Milano 2016’ was recently held at Brera district of Milan in Italy. It was organized on the theme of ‘Progettare é ascoltare (Design is listening)’ with the understanding that the rigor of design thinking and the rigor of a musical composition are

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What is waterfall seat design and how it is important for your health?

Ergonomic seating significantly contributes towards a healthy lifestyle especially for those with a sedentary living habit. Ergonomically-designed executive chairs help maintain proper posture by keeping the spine erect comfortably through enabled adjustment and other features that include mesh back, varying seat heights, swivel base and many more. Among these standout

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