12 Dec


ergonomic office chairs for short people

As far as office workers and related pains are concerned, the most talked about kind of problems are of the back and neck. In addition to issues faced in these parts of the body, leg pain is known to affect a large number of persons working in an office.

Typically, employees complain of pain on the undersides and tops of their thighs. It may also be a case of numbness in the leg. More often than never, a lot of these leg problems are caused due to the seat height of regular office chairs. In such a situation, adjusting the height of your office chair is a simple solution.

The need for correct seat height adjustment:

It is essential to ensure that your seat is at an appropriate height because if it is wrong, it results in unnecessary pressure on the legs. It is also advisable to avoid working at a computer or desk in a fixed chair like a meeting room chair. Revolving chairs have durable wheels which facilitate movement and mobility and ease pressure on the legs.

The way to position yourself at the right seat height:

Once you have adjusted your seat height comfortably, it is important to take the right sitting position. Begin by standing without shoes with your knees facing your chair seat and align your seat height with your kneecaps. Then sit down in your office chair by making sure that your feet are resting on the floor. This will reduce muscle constriction in your upper legs and allow for more blood flow and better circulation.

The necessity of adapting your chair to you:

Standard chairs are designed to suit the needs of average built people while short or tall people, may find it rather difficult to get their chair seat to the right height. For people with a smaller frame, the seats do not go low enough for them to rest their feet comfortably on the floor. For people with a more statuesque frame, even the maximum seat height may force them to sit with their knees up in the air.

Fortunately, office chair manufacturers have now understood the need for height adjusting seats and offer different sizes through gas lift support struts.

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