19 Jun

Office chairs to keep you going all day long

Office Chair

Do you think that your chair is just a piece of furniture? If yes, then you need to know that your chair is much more than it. It helps you maintain the equilibrium in your work. Due to our sedentary lifestyle, we live much time seated every day. Working professionals spend almost 8 hours seated while working. We indulge less in physical activities in our routine. But the flipside of sitting for long hours continuously is deformation of soft tissues and ultimately, disturbed blood flow pattern which further causes weakened metabolism and severe other problems.

Long hour sitting causes tissue compression that causes the delayed perfusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide. So when you sit for many hours continuously on your office chair, the cells feel shortage of oxygen which can also result in death of that cell.

Fighting the fatigue

We, at HOF India, have carefully researched all these aspects and crafted the ergonomically designed office chairs that suit your body structure and natural body posture. The curves and flexibility of our HOF chairs will enhance the movement of the sitter. At the same time, the upholstery and cushion material enhances your micro movements at cellular levels. Thus, the normal perfusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained within the cellular environment. This way, you will feel less fatigue while sitting on the office chair and feel active. This overall enhances your sitting experience which results in increased concentration and work efficiency.

Ergonomic office chairs

To fight the fatigue, engineering can come to a great help. With the latest technologies and years of experience, we have developed an ergonomic range of office chairs to suit each body structure type. The widely-placed armrests give you the flexibility to easily move across the space. The shape and adjustability factors have been incorporated in the chair design which makes sure that your muscles are relaxed and that you sit comfortably all day long.

Through providing you the best office chairs, we will make sure that you stay refreshed, focused and productive for the entire day at work. Checkout the latest collection of HOF chairs now.