13 Sep

Mesh vs Leather Office Chairs – which one is right for your office?

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When it comes to furnishing your new office or refurbishing the old one, you have to make a range of decisions to bring high-quality office furniture for your workplace. To make the job a little more bearable and enjoyable for yourself and your employees, you should consider adding ergonomic products to ensure a safe and healthy work culture.

Office seating for the workplace is one of the crucial decisions you’ll have to take because the comfort of your employees always comes first, so you really have to invest your extra time in buying the best one. You should consider the physical requirements of a human body in the workplace and how chairs can add to their functionality.

Nowadays, when you go to the market, you get overwhelmed with plenitude of options available. Office chairs are available in a wide variety of materials, the two most famous options are leather and mesh. Mesh is the new kid on the furniture block, gaining its share of popularity in the office furniture world. Leather chairs, on the other hand, have their own charm and are known for their classy appeal. However, both these chairs have their advantages and disadvantages, you should carefully weigh all the aspects to make an informed decision.

In this blog, we will walk you through the pros and cons of each by comparing the features and benefits.

1. Comfortability

Comfort is one of the major selling points when you shortlist chairs for office furniture. Both chair types have a different set of comfort attributes – mesh chairs provide comfort through their ventilated mesh back feature while leather chairs boast of their comfort through plush padded back and armrest. Mesh back chairs are a modern take on ergonomics, they make your job less tiring by providing ample air-flow through the day, they keep you relaxed and comfortable in the hot months of the year. Although you cannot sit straight on a chair for the entire day, that’s where leather chairs come to the rescue, as they provide worldly support to the body with their padded upholstery. Leather chairs support the critical regions of the body by contouring the shape of your back with their unique design and heavy padding.

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Both chairs are ergonomically designed to fit the modern workplace needs. Mesh chairs may not look that appealing but they make the discomfort of extended hours go away with their breathability factor. They provide great flexibility and movement, unlike leather chairs. Mesh chairs do not absorb water and sweat while leather chairs do, making the seating experience uncomfortable.

2. Durability

The lifespan of chairs is finite but when you invest a decent amount of your office overhead cost in them, you want them to last for at least 5-10 years.  Leather chairs prove to be an informed investment as they stand the test of time with their sturdy and durable material. On the contrary, mesh chair may start to deteriorate in a few months of usage. The mesh material used on the back starts sagging and then the chairs start losing their support structure. If you keep using such chairs for prolonged office hours, you may start feeling back pain, discomfort and unproductive.

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In such cases, it is practical to invest in chairs that are durable and need less maintenance.

3. Maintenance

Mesh chairs are portable and easy to maintain. The minimalist design and built makes them easy to clean. People often eat/drink while working and spill drinks on the chair, mesh chairs can be cleaned with soap or running water and can be kept in sunlight as well. However, you cannot scrub the mesh as it will stretch it and cause it to fray.

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Leather chairs are bulky, they are less flexible as compared to mesh chairs. You cannot keep them in sunlight or wash them with water as the leather will start fading. You can simply dust off the crumbs and wipe the spillage with a piece of cloth. Leather is durable but it requires continuous cleaning. If the chairs are made of faux leather then it might absorb the liquid as well.

4. Cost and Looks

Every business has a fixed budget for office supplies. One should consider the physical requirement of the office employees and their line of work. Mesh chairs are considerably cheaper than leather chairs because of their simple structure and components as compared to leather chairs. If your budget is limited and you want your office to look simple yet elegant then you can go with mesh chairs. If you run a retail boutique or want to impress your clients then you can go with the professional and sophisticated leather chairs.

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When it comes to appearance, mesh chairs limit your shopping experience with restricted choices, while leather chairs have a wide range of colours, materials, style and structures to choose from. 

All things considered

We have given you four comparison pointers for both the chairs; however, the right choice depends entirely on your office requirement and employee preferences. HOF offers a stunning range of leather and mesh chairs to choose from. We provide workplaces with the best-suited office solutions that ensure an efficient and effortless work environment. To check our latest products and offers visit shop.hofindia.com